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Light Bulb + Integrated Speaker = Awesome...

The Sengled Pulse LED Light With Wireless Speakers Is The Definition of Cool Tech!

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Smartwatch Poll! Which Would You Buy?

We recently published a blog on smartwatches exploring the different options out there right now. We want to hear from you! Which of these smartwatches would you buy? 27 more words

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Cool Tech + Energy Update

Record Gasoline Output Will Curb the Biggest U.S. Oil Glut in 85 Years

Booming crude production expanded inventories this year by 86 million barrels to 471 million, the highest level since 1930. 317 more words

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My First Post

Thank you if your reading this!  This blog site will give you the newest and coolest tech.  So to see my website grow please follow my blog!   39 more words

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Cool Tech: Force Fields!

Well, sorta.

Boeing patents sci-fi force field that deflects explosive shock waves

Boeing is perhaps best known for the commercial aircraft that most people have flown on at one point or another. 137 more words

Cool Tech

Color Changing Material

Researchers at University of California at Berkeley have developed a material that can change color with just a bit of pressure. While it is still experimental, the material could be used for new types of displays, and maybe even clothing. 15 more words

Mark Masselli

Wireless Power

Scientists in Japan have transmitted electricity to a receiver 170 feet away. While this isn’t the first time people have performed such an experiment, this time marks the largest amount of power transmitted. 23 more words

Mark Masselli