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The Coming Super-Chandra Event

Well…in ~700 million years.  But when it happens, it’ll be pretty cool.  Unless you’re nearby, of course.

Twin stars headed for a rare ‘Super-Chandra’ supernova event… 191 more words

Cool Tech

Resonant Chamber from Animusic

Music is food for the soul.  Computer Animation is animation designed and implemented by humans…. using computers.  It’s very tedious and time consuming to build a 3D model, give it “skin” that makes the model look real, and then move the individual pieces of the model – one frame at a time – to do what you desire. 83 more words

The Good Stuff

The World of 3D printing

It isn’t a new concept, but then again it is fairly new. You see…3D printing is going to be the next big thing because what we have found is that 3D printing can make: food, human body parts, internal bodily organs that can function, guns, and many other various items. 264 more words


A Driverless Future

One of the big standout of this years Consumer Electronics Show was the self-driving cars. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz all self-driving vehicles, while Mark Fields, Ford’s CEO, gave a keynote speech about Ford’s goal to produce affordable self-driving cars in the near future. 374 more words

Mark Masselli