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From Doraemon To Reality

One of the coolest thing about reading Dorameon (ドラえもん) as a kid was all the cool gadgets, Dokodemo doorTime FuroshikiTranslation konyaku… 48 more words

Pee Electricity

The title says it all!

An experiment being performed by scientists from the University of the West of England are testing the potency of urine in generating electricity via a pee-energy toilet. 177 more words

Cool Tech

Smartwatch Poll! Which Would You Buy?

We recently published a blog on smartwatches exploring the different options out there right now. We want to hear from you! Which of these smartwatches would you buy? 27 more words

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Cool Tech + Energy Update

Record Gasoline Output Will Curb the Biggest U.S. Oil Glut in 85 Years

Booming crude production expanded inventories this year by 86 million barrels to 471 million, the highest level since 1930. 317 more words

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NASA Dawn Probe Gets More, Better Pictures of Ceres

Have you been following the mission of the Dawn probe? NASA has it orbiting around Ceres, a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt. This video… 15 more words

Mark Masselli

Self-Flying Cars

It looks like self-driving cars are already old news. A Slovakian company is working on a new prototype that is not only a flying car, but one that will be able to fly on its own. 34 more words

Mark Masselli