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Cool High Tech Watches

1. BLOCKS Modular Smart watch

To start off the list I have found one of the most customizable watch ever created. This elegant smartwatch comes with add-ons to bring your wrist watch wearing experience to the next level. 384 more words


Tech for the Future Hipster Household

Okay we all know the luxuries of the future can be pretty cool just from watching shows like The Jetsons. Technological benefits like a smart phone you can wear on your watch that tells you how fucking fat you are getting are just a glimpse of the awesome things that could easily become readily available. 1,021 more words

Cool Tech

Look Back: Back to the Future 2 -- What Did Marty McFly Get Right?

October 21, 2015. It seemed like it would never arrive. As we sat mesmerized in the movie theaters, peering around the other viewers with their big 1980’s hair, it seemed perfectly plausible that we’d all be commuting in our flying DeLoreans by now. 633 more words

San Diego 6 TV Segment

How Watching Movies Has Changed Over the Years

This is 2015 and the technology choices for us to watch movies is dizzying!  A bit of history….

I don’t want to start too far back, but, in the past 30 or 40 years there has been a remarkable technological shift in the way we watch movies (and TV shows, etc).

732 more words

A Renovated MS/HS Library at ISB

In August, students and teachers returned to a transformed MS/HS library at ISB. This was the first phase of a renovation plan that will be finalized after the summer of 2016. 178 more words


Crazy Compact Computer

I came across this on Pinterest and I’m not sure if its available on the market or if it’s just a concept, either way this is a super light, compact, computer that doesn’t need a screen or a keyboard. 18 more words


D. N. A.: Alta by Alex Hurst

Where I Got It: Review copy

Illustrator: Kevin Nichols

Publisher: Bookmark Comics (2015)

Length: 24 pages

Series: Book 1 D. N. A.

Author’s Page

Alta Williams suffered through a chemical accident in her early 20s that left her in a very sad state. 792 more words

Science Fiction