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For the Content Creator a New Website is a New Car

Seeing an appealing new website come online is to a content creator what an exciting new model of car is for the auto enthusiast: One is itching to get behind the screens to an operating dashboard and take it for a rich content-creating spin. 263 more words


Bedroom Sub Floor Preparation.

Today I sanded the bedroom floor in preparation for glueing down the ply sheeting that will be the finished floor. Not really a big deal but I thought I might share how well the Festool dust extraction works when sanding. 137 more words


Discovering a nifty website

February 4, 2015

I had the pleasant experience recently of  checking out one online resource and discovering that it is part of an enormous trove of learning tools. 188 more words


Vesper Tools Sliding Bevel

I am getting to the stage in the build where I need to start doing the trim around windows, doors and walls. To do this accurately it is necessary to transfer the angles to be cut from the wall, for example, to the saw. 229 more words

Cool Tools

Software Defined Radio Tuning HF

Well DOD is going to be as jealous as hell. I have made a long wire antenna and now can use the Ham IT UP… 80 more words

Cool Tools

Laser engraving on Leather - Yes!

Laser engraving in Leather

For a long time I have been playing with the thought of using a laser to add a touch to my leather projects. 53 more words

Software Defined Radio

I have got a new fun little toy for the computer. A NooElec NESDR Mini +0.5PPM TXCO USB TRL-SDR Receiver which receives from ~50 Mhz to ~2Ghz  and a NooElec Ham IT Up v1.2 Upconverter which allows tuning down to ~9Khz. 252 more words

Cool Tools