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Pick up Object with Ease with the Help of Cool Tools

There are some things in life whose importance we realise only when we feel the need for it. For example when you have your phone stuck under the car seat, or face any similar situation, you feel the need of having a gadget that would help you get such stuff out of the spot they are stuck in. 111 more words

A new bag of tricks

Back in the early sixties, a Soviet patent clerk named Genrich Altshuller embarked on an absurdly ambitious project. He wanted to formulate a set of rules for innovation, a kind of universal recipe book for inventors and engineers, based on the characteristics shared by the patent applications he had inspected. 882 more words


Get things out of tight spaces with the help of cool tools

There are times when some of your things fall down from our hands and get stuck in places from where it is quite hard to retrieve those things. 120 more words

Cool Tools # 3: Text Fixer(s)

As a Planner, you’ll be quoting a lot of policy documents, which means lots of copying and pasting from PDFs. Unfortunately, copying from a PDF often breaks up each line when pasted into another program (i.e. 112 more words

Cool Tools