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Parken drill press spindle runout check

The other week I had a quick trip to Melbourne to pick up a second hand Parken Drill Press. Parken are Australian made precision machines and I was very lucky to find one used as they are serious coin new. 133 more words

Cool Tools

Dewalt cold off cut metal saw

Stan and I have destroyed a few abrasive wheel off cut saws. It doesn’t seem to matter what brand, Makita, Metabo, Hitachi the smoke got out of them all. 77 more words

Cool Tools

Parken Drill Press

I have been lusting after a Parken drill press for a while but as with many things that are made contrary to the current race to the bottom they are not cheap. 155 more words

Thing 40: Final Reflections & What’s Next?

Another year, another Cool Tools session to wrap up. Let’s dive right in!

What did you learn?

  • How did you put what you learned into action at school?
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Bonus Lesson: Making Connections

For this lesson, I ended up looking at the following blogs: Aabdul810, TechieToolsBlog, and Bri’sCoolToolsBlog.

What did I learn? So much!!! I wish I did a better job of reading other blogs during this year’s Cool Tools because in just this weekend, I got so many ideas and learned so many cool tips and tricks. 834 more words

Thing 38: App-apalooza

After exploring several of the links for App-apalooza, I found three discoveries I’m pretty pumped about:

Another Cool Marijuana Accessory!

I have several of these cool containers. They have a small vacuum seal that helps keep your stash fresh and the smell inside. Not much else to say about this accessory other than I feel it’s a must have for a picnic.

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