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The Greatest Warship of All Time? [Survey Says...]

USNI News asked its readers, “What is the greatest warship of all time and why?” Though what makes a warship great is highly subjective, our readers offered their education and expertise to put forth their ideas as to what the answer to that question should be.

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Another Tasty Dessert From Around The World (Fridays)

I know this post is a day late, but here we go!

Hello fellow food lovers! It’s Friday, and you know what means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at another tasty dessert. 53 more words



Why do you do what you do?  Why do you say what you say? Why do you think what you think?

We don’t really think about this often and we get a little oblivious after a while, but we are who are because of the culture we grew up in, and I was brought up in the beautiful, Hawaiian culture.   275 more words

My Paintings

These are the paintings that I have done! I need a very big improvement! haha! Well, you know painting is very fun as we just let what our mind thinks and flow our hand to any direction that our mind attempts. 160 more words


I can do all things through Christ

Free printable, jogging, scenic, verse, Christian.


Ailsa’s photo challenge this week is poetry – to combine a favourite poem with a fitting photo. This short series of photographs was taken in a forest in Luxembourg, about 5 km from the city. 166 more words

Amateur Photography

Who Did Negan Kill on the Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale was undoubtedly a cliffhanger and a nail bitter. The episode was outstanding, I was at the edge of my seat until the point Chapter 83; in my favorite program ultimately climaxed and left us W-Dead heads at the precipice of finally knowing the answer to the season long alluded question, “Who from Rick’s group would be killed off ?”. 747 more words