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THIS is an impressive summation, in itself:

To state it plainly, indoctrination means to heavily influence someone into believing a particular set of ideas, whether they are political, cultural, or religious. Most often, this is done when the individual is particularly young, when he or she lack the ability to reasonably conclude whether or not a statement is true.

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How to travel from one end of Japan to the other by train for less than 25 bucks

For the price of a couple beers in a Tokyo bar, you can go all the way from the eastern capital to the southwestern island of Kyushu 1,323 more words


OOTD : My Arcade Biker Fashion

Hello Everybody *^^*

Since my first two posts were dedicated to K-Pop and wasn’t as personal as I want my blog to be; I will finally make a post about myself :) 325 more words


The trip and the trip to the dentist

It was summer. I was about 10 years old. I used to be the one who does all the weird stuff and thinks, “I am cool! 130 more words

Cool-Wigsbuy Fashion Reviews

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Wonderful day today

Hello all! Today was a wonderful day for me because I ate good food and enjoyed my day. Everything was good and I ate barfi today. 19 more words