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Mentally Disturbed

Mentally disturbed, in my mind lies a disturbance

My mind is nervous, my mind, it has no purpose

Applying my mind, I rewind like furniture… 36 more words


Chilled coffee noodles for dessert are Japan’s newest summertime sweets innovation

Japan has already figured out cold noodles and cold coffee taste great in the midsummer heat, so why not combine the two? 327 more words


Talk within your heart...

It is the best you can do to be successful in your life. Talk within your heart, listen to it carefully every time. It only tells you to do good deeds. 105 more words

Happy Life

Reverse Klan

What if Blacks and Hispanics and even Asians, started lynching white people. Like, what if that was a thing. Forget lynching, just straight up killing. What if that was a thing? 11 more words


Weekly Story: On the French Island of Corsica, the ‘Cat-Fox’ found recently may be a new species

Recently, a mammal with stripes on the front legs, and dark stripes on the back legs was spotted on the French Island of Corsica. It resembled a domestic cat in some ways, like it’s wide ears, short whiskers, and developed canine teeth. 129 more words

Toy Box

I took a peek into the forgotten toy box today.
Old wooden toys and world’s that don’t exist,
Come alive in the eyes of a child. 120 more words