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New Inventions that will Make Your Life Easier you Must See 10

Check out more New Inventions that will Make Your Life Easier. With more cool tools being make everyday these genius inventions can help in your life being awesome. 17 more words

Clever Poetry

I ate the testicles of a wooly mammoth
And then I celebrated the Holy Sabbath

I ran into a drug store and robbed the pharmacist… 58 more words



Dreams are supposed to be chased, whether it’s further knowledge or a million pound.

Who says you can’t have it? The people trampled by life who don’t want to move so their jealously stops you from achieving greatness? 9 more words



Milita, my real name is Milita.

So why do you call yourself Sasha?

Because…that’s how I introduced myself to Matt…and I thought, why not go with it. 117 more words