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Cucumber Koshimbir


  • 1 kheera
    1 hari mirch
    2 Tsp groundnut powder (dry roast mungphali ,remove the peel, grind coarsely )
    Pinch of sugar (optional)
    1/2 tsp lemon juice…
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The only Goblin on the Team. Excerpt from Operation Azares.

Leya Fang POV

It was always hard to be the only member of a group. That makes you vulnerable, weak, and isolated. I was selected to be the only Goblin in the top 10. 1,012 more words

Science Fiction

It Is Easter

It is Easter
I kick you in your keister
And send you flying to the moon

Soon June it will be
I saw a Mexican hillbilly… 59 more words



Girlpower right? It seems to be the winning formula in a lot of superhits. Almost as if girls are tired of boys behaving bad. Hmm, well, there isn’t much in this song that doesn’t follow the formula of making it big. 56 more words

Sunday Song Picks

He wouldn't walk away just because we walked by.

I woke up at 4:20 am today and I just couldn’t go back to sleep. To be honest, I normally only sleep until 5 am as longest normally so it wasn’t such a big difference but it would have been nice to sleep a bit longer since it after all is a holiday :-) They predicted partly cloudy all day so instead of walking to the lake again as I had planned I just took a walk where we usually walk. 316 more words

This And That.

acara pukul sembilan

sekarang pukul delapan. saya baru bangun. saya membuka hape dan mendapati sebuah pesan dari Tea yang isinya mengingatkan saya tentang acara pukul sembilan.

saya diem, loading sebentar, dan berpikir, aduh iya deng. 511 more words