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Bornt and Sons

Thank you to Bornt and Sons for trusting Direct Truck and Auto Repair to fix the coolant leak in the air compressor.
These are our great mechanics that worked on this truck.


Update on Peach Bottom feedwater issue: NRC approves increase in maximum power after next refueling outage

The NRC’s timing couldn’t be worse.

As I told you earlier today, the Peach Bottom nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania reported that the Emergency Service Water system that provides cooling water in the event of an accident was inoperable. 173 more words

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Event Report: Peach Bottom gets NRC approval to continue operating, despite leak in safety system

The Peach Bottom nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania reported that both trains of the Emergency Service Water (ESW) system were inoperable “due to a pin-hole, through wall piping leak.” The leak was discovered Saturday afternoon, and affects the safety of both reactors at the site. 243 more words

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The car runs!

The engine fired for the first time yesterday… whoohoo!

Unfortunately, while it runs very well, it also is good at spitting coolant out the exhaust, which is less than good. 152 more words


Duke Energy admits that plant operators "didn't take all possible precautions" to prevent leak that shut down South Carolina nuke

South Carolina’s Morning News Online reported today:

Site operators didn’t take all possible precautions to prevent a radioactive water leak that led to shutdown of a South Carolina nuclear reactor, officials with Duke Energy said Thursday, also saying they’d learn from their mistakes. 198 more words

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Event Report: Maryland nuke leaking coolant, forced to limit output

According to an Event Report filed yesterday with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, operators at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant were forced to reduce output from the Unit 1 reactor due to the discovery Thursday night of a pressure boundary leak in the Reactor Coolant System. 40 more words

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New cooling system leak affecting the spent fuel pool at Fukushima reactor 5

The Asahi Shimbun reported today:

A leak of radioactive water was found in the piping of water used to cool the spent fuel pool in the undamaged No. 237 more words

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