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Confessions - coolbeansUK Film Review (And A Rant On Identity)

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you might have, possibly, picked up a hint that I’m not keen on Hollywood, or rather Hollywood’s populist pandering to the masses. 660 more words


Feature: First Quarter Preview - Film in 2012

For those of us with a soft spot for explosions, the 2012 film schedule is starting to look the part with much touted sequels such as… 1,013 more words


Rubber - coolbeansUK Film Review - "No Reason?"

Meta’s after me. It’s the island from The Pirates of the Caribbean, you can’t see (find) it unless you know what(where) it is. But Now? 648 more words


Hugo - coolbeansUK Film Review - "This might be an adventure, I've never had one before"

Martin Scorsese, the criticality acclaimed and reknown director widely associated with his gritty take on the underworld, has taken a detour. I’m a fan, … 722 more words


The Kid - coolbeansUK Review

LoveFilm threw a curveball at us this week, our letterbox spat out the gritty British drama The Kid and we sat down to have a watch having never heard a word of the film before. 393 more words


Moulin Rouge! Review - "The hills are made with the euphonious symphonies of descant..."

Musicals are a mystery to me. It’s not for a lack of people trying to prove otherwise, I’ve had more than my fair share of that. 639 more words


DC Universe Online Review (PS3): Super ArraBean to the rescue!

I have a confession to make. In the dark, deep, murky depths of my past lie a few skeletons, such as rather enjoying S Club 7’s “S Club Party”, preferring my steak cooked well-done and thinking point-and-click adventure games were pointless (geddit?). 1,105 more words