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Best stretches for cooldown and flexibility

Cool down is also an important part of the workout. Some stretches work best for cooling your body down and making it more flexible.These stretches are easy for beginners as well for after cooldown are: 107 more words


ICED tips : ICED hibiscus date tea

If you’re like me, you like your liquids. They’re hot, iced, and everything between. Thick or thin. Savory or sweet. Caffeine, cocoa, cinammon, cider, mulled, cream, alcoholic, grassy, fruity, tropical. 161 more words

Ability Cooldown (2 videos)

Creator: meanlad
Date: 20/21 Apr 2020
Length: 11:01 & 6:27
Level: Intermediate
Type: Logic/Character skills


How to create a cooldown mechanic so a player can activate special skills only at specific times.

Video Tutorial

Day 6 - The Fitness Challenge From Home

Welcome to the final day of our fitness challenge from home. Thank you for staying with me all week and getting uncomfortable for 6 days straight. 388 more words


Day 5 - The Fitness Challenge From Home

It’s such a pleasure to see you at Day 5! So far so good! If you’re here still then I asume the approach is working for you, in which case I’m very happy for you. 246 more words


Day 3 - The Fitness Challenge From Home

It is my pleasure to welcome you to day 3 of The Fitness Challenge from home. How did you do over the last 2 days? Let me know in the comments below or send me a direct message. 421 more words


Day 2 - The Fitness Challenge From Home

It is my priviledge to welcome you to your second day of The Fitness Challenge from home. I hope you made it through yesterday’s workout, and also that you used the recommended nutrition guide. 461 more words