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Total Body Stretching & Flexibility Workout: Denise Austin

A total body, beginner-level static stretching routine by BeFit

Length: 10 min 23 sec

A wide variety of static stretches to target the entire body, great for a post workout cool-down. 167 more words

No Equipment Necessary

Youtube Down

Ada-ada saja berita pagi ini. Mungkin kalian para penikmat youtube garis keras udah pada tau tentang berita ini. Ya, youtube tiba-tiba down dan tidak bisa diakses di seluruh dunia pada hari rabu tanggal 17 pagi tadi. 249 more words


Foam Roll 102: Do's & Don'ts

Now that I have talked about finding the right foam roll let’s talk about what to do with it!  Foam rolling has been around for a while especially in the sports medicine side, but has recently become popular in main stream fitness. 363 more words


Foam Roller 101: Types of Rollers

Foam rolls are used for self-massage to help sooth tight and/or sore muscles.  Commonly called trigger points.  Rolling out sore muscles helps break up the fascia.  441 more words


Summertime...and the Living Should be Easy…

This summer has been crazy hot in most parts of the world. Some enjoy it, some can’t even bare it. It’s one thing if you’re on vacation and if you’ve got access to water 24/7, but if you’re stuck in an office without air condition the heat could be overwhelming. 285 more words


This week is at its hottest for a long time and we need some new summer refreshments. This frozen strawberry yogurt tastes amazing and only takes a few minutes to whip up. 75 more words


Utility Shaders (Legacy)

Though Utility Shader development has been put on the backburner for now (waiting for the SGE to stabilize a bit before I move it into Unity 2018/2019 now that Shader Forge is out of active development) it’s worth looking at the effects possible. 192 more words