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Stuck in my head...

You all know it. Sometimes you’ve got a song stuck in your head and you have no clue why.

In Germany we call it “Ohrwurm”. 58 more words


Summer drinks

Hey my cosmetic minions. Miss me xoxo. You want to enjoy the sun and cool down for a little while but water is just so boring ugh what do you do. 135 more words

Newton’s law for running

Well, you might not have come across such a law but I call it so because it closely resembles Newton’s law of motion!

When you are practising like jogging at a normal pace or doing sprints, it’s easy to stop, take a break and resume your workout. 303 more words


Only hell is hotter


We’ve got 33°Celsius in may. I’m doing my best not to melt. What a fortune that our office is the coolest place in the house, so I can be a little bit creative. 98 more words


Build Healthy, Strong Shoulders With This Warm-Up

One of the most injury prone areas on the human body is the shoulder. Strengthen your shoulders and increase performance by adding this quick shoulder series into your warm up or cool down. 102 more words


Reflecting on a Race

Before and after a race, everyone has their own ritual. Before the race, I always make sure to do the same drills, in the same order, with the same number of reps. 451 more words

30 Day Blog

Ankles don't have to be your Achilles' Heel

The ankle is a bit of a forgotten joint next to the more publicized knee, but it should be front and center in a conversation about figure skating. 242 more words