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The importance of stretching

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Post-Concert Yoga: Stretch It Out & Cool Down!

Hello my beautiful people! I’ll be posting some of my yoga practices here for you to try out. Keep in mind that ALL of them will be posted in video form on my YouTube channel, … 379 more words

36. Forty-two Degrees

The only plants that do well in the heat, Cathy’s garden.

Today is a forty-two degree day.

In weather like this, you batten down the hatches. 415 more words

Yogalates Soothing Stretch Workout: 10 Mins- BeFiT GO

A beginner-level, total body, yogalates stretch workout by BeFit

Length: 10 min 36 sec

A total body stretch routine composed of five moves, each done twice for one minute each. 246 more words

No Equipment Necessary

5-Minute Morning Yoga - Yoga With Adriene

A beginner-level total body yoga workout by Yoga with Adriene

Length: 5 min 49 sec

A body warming, wake-up yoga routine to get the whole body moving. 216 more words

No Equipment Necessary

5 Minute Ab Static Stretching Routine | Cool Down

A core-focused, beginner-level static stretch workout by Anabolic Aliens

Length: 6 min 55 sec

A core stretch routine composed of 10 stretches held for 30 seconds each. 163 more words

No Equipment Necessary

7-Minute Yoga For Runners - Yoga With Adriene

A lower body focused, beginner-level yoga workout by Yoga with Adriene

Length: 7 min 20 sec

A quick yoga routine focusing particularly on the lower body, which is intended for runners but great for any athlete. 180 more words

No Equipment Necessary