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Post-Workout Essentials

This post is dedicated to the aspect of training that doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it should.

Lately, there has been a large emphasis placed on warmup and activation protocols to be performed… 283 more words


Why It Is Important to Warm Up/Cool Down

Okay, so I know sometimes people don’t really feel like taking the time out of their tight schedules to warm up and cool down, but that’s not cool y’all. 197 more words


Zumba toning ending up being regular Zumba today

I am not complaining, because it’s better to get a substitute, and still do Zumba.  The young lady was very good, and I was pleased with her routines. 108 more words


The importance of stretching

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Post-Concert Yoga: Stretch It Out & Cool Down!

Hello my beautiful people! I’ll be posting some of my yoga practices here for you to try out. Keep in mind that ALL of them will be posted in video form on my YouTube channel, … 387 more words


36. Forty-two Degrees

Today is a forty-two degree day.

In weather like this, you batten down the hatches. Curtains are drawn, aircon is cranked, doors are closed off. Laundry dries in ten minutes or less (beat that Domino’s) and you taste asphalt on your tongue if you step outside. 399 more words

Yogalates Soothing Stretch Workout: 10 Mins- BeFiT GO

A beginner-level, total body, yogalates stretch workout by BeFit

Length: 10 min 36 sec

A total body stretch routine composed of five moves, each done twice for one minute each. 246 more words

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