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Budget build part 1: Components

Goal of this build, as the title suggest, is to build a system with value for money parts. Main usage of the system is for photo editing. 138 more words


Best gaming headsets

Looking for a gaming headset? My best gaming headsets is a list of my personal favorites that I’ve reviewed over the years. The page is updated regularly so check back every once in a while.

Best Gaming Headsets

Headset Reviews

Gaming mouse buyer's guide

Transferred and updated my gaming mouse buyer’s guide, which is based upon years of experience and dozens of gaming mouse reviews. Shopping for a gaming mouse? 87 more words

PC Gaming

Gaming Keyboard Buyer's Guide (2016)

Getting a new gaming keyboard (or a new gaming mouse) for the first time is a bit like getting your first HD TV. Once you experience what it has to offer, you’ll never want to go back to what you had before. 19 more words

Keyboard Reviews

Holding water

Today marks the second filling of water (maybe third) and the water system test. Now to leave it running for a day or so.

I say second filling because I had a leak at the drain valve, fixed with some plumbers tape, the fixing of which lead to a leak in the fitting on the bottom of the reservoir. 49 more words


Sorry for the delay, but I have been busy working on the build!

At this point I have installed all of the hardline.

I’ve water tested. 422 more words