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Yurt AC Upgrade - Part 1

It’s time to make the yurt more Brutal Texas Summer resistant!

The best solution to Texas summer heat is to leave. We should all GTFO, and arguments to the contrary are, basically, garbage. 1,274 more words

Remaining upgrades & Hypercube thoughts

With the printer now working (fairly) reliably, I’m wondering what I should do to entertain myself with regards to 3D Printing. There’s just a couple of things I’d like to try on the printer before I call this project complete: 525 more words

3D Printing

Data Center IoT-Based Thermal Optimization

This case study describes how an IoT approach was used to manage the existing, multi-vendor cooling infrastructure within the North American colocation data center and highlights the results. 8 more words


If You’re Paying Too Much in Energy Costs, It Might Be Your Foundation’s Fault

When you hear the acronym “HVAC,” you may typically think about the system that is inside your home – not about the exterior of your house. 516 more words

Air Conditioning

The Leading HVAC Contractor in Toronto

If you are looking for a great HVAC contractor in Toronto you can search for different contractors near you, but you will find that we have the most experience and the best customer service you can find in Toronto and the surrounding areas. 286 more words

Summer Heat

We are finally having consistently warm days in the north east! But with consistent beautiful days, also comes consistent heat.

I obviously own an air conditioner, but the bill can be high, and my body temperature is confusing (I get cold very easily). 224 more words

What Is Air Conditioning and Why Not Already?

With the days getting a bit warmer than they were two weeks ago it’s worth spending 819 words talking about air conditioning. Air conditioning is — please hold your questions until the essay has come to a full and complete stop — where some air is conditioned so that it’s less like air and more like conditioned air. 801 more words

Air Conditioner Installation