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92ML™ StaCool™ Thermally Enhanced PCB Materials Manage Heat in Power Electronics Applications

Scott D. Kennedy Senior Product Manager Rogers Corp   Power Electronics Design Trends Power electronics and associated thermal design is an essential early stage of many product development efforts, especially with growing demand for vehicular and industrial applications. 27 more words

Call for a Tune-Up

Have an HVAC emergency? Call us immediately for same-day service. Better yet, don’t wait for an emergency. Call us ahead of time for a low-cost tune-up. 47 more words

Thermal Management in Body-Embedded Electronics

We are entering an era where electronics technology is increasingly being integrated with biological systems in vivo. These technology solutions interact with organs and skeletal-, muscular- and nervous-systems of biological entities through hybridization of disparate solutions that merge to serve […] 19 more words

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Widely Available

Liquid Silicone Rubber, with its low compression set, fast cure cycles, great stability and ability to resist extreme temperatures of heat and cold makes it ideally suitable for the production of parts where high quality is a must. 22 more words

NOAA forecasts major December cold blast for nearly all the USA

Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. alerts me to this map from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center and says:

Cannot recall last time I have seen such a cold anomaly forecast across almost entire USA.

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Polar ice blast will see Britons shivering through another freezing week as Autumn comes to its coldest end for SIX YEARS

  • Temperatures plummeted below freezing overnight with lows of -9.7C recorded in Sennybridge, Wales
  • The country will see a similarly cold night tonight and sub-zero temperatures into next week…
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The ‘blob’ in the Pacific turns from warm to cold – and it’s even bigger

Thanks to Bob Tisdale, we’ve covered the evolution, peak, and demise of the sea surface temperature phenomenon labeled as “The Blob” in the North Pacific for awhile now. 204 more words