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The Big Picture: Trends in high-density cooling

New technologies in the data center, such as rise of artificial intelligence and the GPU computing hardware that often supports it, are boosting the development of new strategies and designs for high-density cooling for data centers. 31 more words


5 Data Center Trends to Watch in 2018

As the data center shifts to support more digital strategies, the business will rely on the capabilities of your IT ecosystem to support new initiatives. Five to watch include edge computing, all flash solutions, converged technologies, hybrid cloud and investments in data center efficiency. 16 more words


Heating repair

You can find out more here about our new ethnographic research project on the work of HVAC* technicians. The project is attached to the Institute of Geography and Sustainability, University of Lausanne and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. 29 more words


How will you cool something ?

No, not by keeping it in a fridge. Think about how can we cool something below room temperature? Almost all cooling appliances (AC, refrigerator) work on the same simple principle – evaporation. 117 more words


AI in Data Center Management: How to Prepare and What to Fear

The end game for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software is that it eventually enables self-managing, or fully autonomic, data centers.The hope is that AI-driven management software (likely cloud-based) will monitor and control IT and facilities infrastructure, as well as applications, seamlessly and holistically – potentially across multiple sites. 33 more words


Affordable Commercial Air Cooler|greencon

Any business HVAC organization can reveal to you that vitality productivity is the most vital part of commercial air cooler nowadays. With worries of overutilization of vitality prompting contamination and an Earth-wide temperature boost, the vitality proficiency of consistent apparatuses has turned into a noteworthy enthusiasm for shoppers. 364 more words


Look At This Little Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC

(Source: kotaku.com)

Isn’t Digital Storm’s Project Spark adorable? Only 12 inches tall, yet they still managed to include a transparent side panel and LED-lit liquid cooling. 279 more words