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Aloha humans! Like that sneaky Fine Bros reference? I was way ore proud of that than I should be. Anywhoozers!

I made my sister watch Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie with me, and it looks like she really liked it. 217 more words


Coolio Wants To Help You Avoid Future Embarrassment By Teaching Proper Rap Pronunciation

No one wants to let the combination of Alex Trebek (get well soon!) and Coolio down. Who could handle that burden? NO ONE COULD! 188 more words

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Jeopardy Player Loses $3,200 In A Split Second

This contestant mispronounced Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” and it cost him $3,200.  Tough loss… OMG!


Jeopardy Contestant Loses $3200 Because Of One Letter

Let Nick’s mistake be a lesson to us all. In 2018, you gotta keep it gangsta at all times. Never Gangster #Jeopardy pic.twitter.com/NMO7QsAfyI

— Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi (@roywoodjr) …

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Jeopardy Contestant Loses $3,200 After Mispronouncing Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise"

DANG! Alex Trebek don’t play!

This might be a first in Jeopardy history. Contestant Nick lost $3,200 on a technicality. When asked the question, “A song by Coolio from ‘Dangerous Minds’ goes back in time to become a 1667 John Milton classic.” The answer…Gangsta’s Paradise. 44 more words


Viral Video: Mispronouncing Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" Costs "Jeopardy" Player

A “Jeopardy” contestant mispronounced “Gangsta”, and it cost him…

A contestant on “Jeopardy” mispronounced ‘GANGSTA’ on Monday night’s episode for a question involving Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”. 16 more words


'Jeopardy' Contestant Loses $3,200 After Mispronouncing 'Gangsta's Paradise'

If you’re ever on Jeopardy, not only should you make sure you answer the question in the form of a question, but you had better pronounce the answer correctly as well. 57 more words