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Gangster's paradise

Remember this one?

When listening to the lyrics I can’t help but realise how many people actually ‘live’ in the gangster’s paradise… And how many could get out of it, by just receiving a little help and understanding. 47 more words

Song Of The Day

14 Things We Didn’t Know About Clueless

When Clueless first hit the big screen on July 19, 1995, Amy Heckerling had no idea that it would turn into the cultural phenomenon that it is today. 1,164 more words

Alicia Silverstone

Coolio feat. L.V. - Gangsta's Paradise (1995)

I remember very well the Michelle Pfeiffer movie trailer passed in TV, I remember that I was in front of a small TV in my parents room, I remember that from the first time I heard it, this piece made me goose bumps. 18 more words


In 20 Years

Here are some of the biggest rappers back in 1993 explaining where they’ll be in 20 yrs. It’s been about 22 years since this was published.

Hip Hop

'There ain't no stool-pigeons here'

Everyone knows, or at least has heard some part of the 1995 classic rap song Gangsta’s Paradise, by Coolio.

If you’re memory’s failing you or if you just want to take a trip down memory lane, here it is. 61 more words


Hello Everyone!

Dear World:

I hope someone is reading this because I am going to pour my heart out in these blogs, they will soon (maybe) be a very important part in my life, along with my cats, who are the best. 143 more words

Artis Leon Ivey Jr (Coolio)

“The modern day family in the year 2015 is a mix of race, culture, and heritage. This is normal as opposed to family portraits of old, unbeknownst to some.  16 more words