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Slot For Teacher

Mrs. Earp spent her post-college time as a teacher in the Philadelphia School District. When our first child was born, she put career ambitions on hold to raise our little monsters. 140 more words


Zip It, Or I'll Zip It

Do you despise humans? Are you painfully shy? Have you been parachuted into in a cold climate? If the answer is yes, do I have… 163 more words


5 Exhibition Highlights at Singapore Biennale 2016

Been feeling major artistic vibes recently… went for the exhibitions over 2 weekends, quite a big feat for me honestly. This time I do feel like I learnt a lot more about art – the underlying message behind the artwork, the curation of the spaces and the positioning of the art pieces – all these do not come easy and I have to give my hats off to the curators for coming up with such an event. 678 more words


Uncool for School

What does “coolness” (as a concept to describe a person) mean to you? As a single word, “cool” makes me think of someone composed, comfortable with themselves, easygoing, and also, more generally, great or awesome. 1,492 more words


High Man On The Totem Pole

When you’re pushing fifty and you’ve suffered the health problems I have, you start thinking about your mortality. I wonder when I’m checking out, how I’m checking out, and what my funeral will be like. 102 more words


The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

That most arrogant, despicable family is almost out of our lives. CNN reporter Michelle Kosinski tweeted a photo of a moving van outside the White House. 95 more words


on The Fruit of the Spirit

I got the book interlibrary loan (from St. Joseph, MO)

as I attended a ‘small’ group at my church…

it wasn’t small, it was as big as normal Wednesday night service. 6,535 more words