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A secret of coolness

So this is not the full picture, but its certainly something I’ve been contemplating the last few days.


Party Your Axe Off

A club which features axe throwing has just opened in Huntsville. Finally, a reason to visit Alabama which doesn’t involve NASCAR or moonshine!

Who wants to throw axes at the wall for fun and competition?

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Show Us Your Busch

An elderly St. Louis Cardinals fan caused quite a stir Wednesday night when she flashed the stadium while appearing on the Jumbotron.

An apparent Cardinals fan, whose name is unknown, was possessed by an urge to lift her shirt and bra to celebrate her appearance on Busch Stadium’s Jumbotron.

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Make America Sate Again

Not that King Putt has left office, the American economy is free to grow again; and grow it has.

America’s middle class had its highest-earning year ever in 2016, the U.S.

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What's This Coolness All about?

Why do people these days think that they are doing all the cool stuff in this world?

Is watching movies all day long really a cool stuff? 173 more words

~~ September's Song ~~




There’s a coolness 

In the breeze

As leaves shower

From the trees.

Days grow short and

Nights grow long

As Autumn sings 

September’s Song.




You Don't Have to Do What Everybody Else Does In Your Thirties

I guess it’s human nature to want to do what’s cool. It’s also human nature to want to feel included. And to figure out what’s best and then go and get it. 811 more words