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Yesterday I received word that not only was I accepted into Purdue University as a transfer student (hooray!) but that I’d received a partial scholarship that was renewable yearly for the remainder of my current academic track. 227 more words

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Testing Blog Posts

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Tonight my son and I got to meet the young man I reached out to a few days ago. From the blue, he messaged me an invite to meet at a local coffee house. 156 more words

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Getting soaked to the bones in the rains. A pleasant and sordid experience at the same to time. On one hand the showers make you all shivery while on the other they tend to relate to your being somehow. 202 more words

The Temperature of Gratitude

TLS 365 Experience #141
July 19, 2017

It is so hot that the air seems to be sitting on top of a furnace unmoving allowing the atmosphere to swell and take up what might be left for natural breath. 327 more words

The Daily Experience

The Coolness

I let the coolness,
what the morning chose
to give me,
run down along the indentations
the finely honed surfaces
of my utter imagination,
the images leapt and groveled… 63 more words


Weaving the Web

Part of being a Priestess is fostering connections, especially in a community that can be as marginalized as ours. My work for Hekate today was mostly about just reaching out. 261 more words

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