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Monochrome - Supersponts Photography

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Trying out one of my favourite images – greyscale with a hint of colour. Special thanks to Hui Long for helping out and Yong Sheng for the incredible lens. 10 more words


Oooh, That Smell

Are you, like me, morbidly obese? Do you sweat when you eat? Are you a Leftist protester? If so, your days of stinking up a football stadium… 188 more words


What The Hell Just Happened?

True to my word, I did not watch one second of last night’s game, even though my second favorite quarterback, Tom Brady, was going for his fifth Super Bowl win. 262 more words


6 Reasons Why Being Bald and Bearded is Awesome!

Being bald is clearly very sexy, as we know from my last post, but how about combining that sexy with a bear that will undoubtedly blow the minds of every warm-blooded animal for miles around? 543 more words

Supermarket Fashions: Not For Sale

Who’s ready for some marketing? Personal marketing I mean. On many grounds, aren’t we similar to supermarket displays where the best products get sold out faster than others? 124 more words


Veils and Sunglasses

In trolling my university’s online library database looking for articles on the gaze, I came across an interesting journal article in the Journal of Aesthetics & Culture written by Thorsten Botz-Bornstein on… 2,267 more words

Research And Reflection

On The Wings Of Love

Have you recently been dumped by your significant other? Are you an angry, sarcastic loner who cannot maintain an adult relationship? If the answer to these questions is yes, does… 124 more words