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Any idea of what it is?

Hair pulling. Yes, hair pulling. Trich, as I call it, is the mental illness of hair pulling. You pull out hair on your head, eye lashes, arm hair, leg hair, literally any hair found on your body, they might pull it out. 295 more words

A Call For Help

Hi, Mr. President or to whom it may concern.

How are things? I understand that you are having a really hard time trying to deal with issues left and right and believe me, things are really not going to be easy. 459 more words

Avenue Of Self Thought

First Post!

Hi there,

My name is Melissa and let me introduce myself. I’m a Brasilian born in California that lives in the Netherlands. I speak multiple languages and I find myself interested in the art of films and music. 282 more words


Test Post

This is a test post! Lorem ipsum dolor amet.


Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Eight: Water Feature

Sight and sound of the water falling, a softly liquid noise that takes us, via closed eye day dreaming to the streams we played in as children, or maybe before that. 32 more words

Garden Of God's Heart

Pixels & Peccafilloes

Now I lay me down to rest, head on foamy pillow

Reviewing the day’s best thro pixels, my peccadilloes

Arising to the Sun a shine most fine this cool March day… 217 more words