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The County Seat Is Woodland, CA

From now until I stop to think
I’m living life upon the brink
Where danger lurks, I lurk as well
I’ll kiss and just as quickly tell… 80 more words


The Zusher

Zush is giving me the stink-eye as I write this, as I feel she is patiently waiting to go for our longer night-time walk.

The humidity here as come down some, and although it is still hot, the air is at least moving and has a slight bit of coolness to it.Trust me, it’s not much, but enough that when you go outside you wonder what happened. 47 more words


Man-Bun Versus Man-Bagel: Gluten-Free of Course!

The Man-Bun is everywhere! Instagram, Face Book®, Pinterest®….I’m guessing Periscope® and Meercat® too.  Streaming live video feed showing the right technique on achieving just the right amount of casual sloppiness making you look like you don’t care.  348 more words


“Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business.”

The rain never materialized. It will be sunny all week and today will hit 85˚. My AC has been cranking since yesterday morning, and the house is delightfully cool. 341 more words


Class For Sale

Westward lies the river
And beyond the turgid sea,
Eastward are the mountains
Where the marmots ramble free,
North are glaciers, south is heat,
Up is fruit and down is meat… 38 more words


What Makes Things Cool? How Autonomy Influences Perceived Coolness

Volume 41, Issue 1, 1 June 2014
Silvia Bellezza , Francesca Gino , Anat Keinan

Even though there are assertions that product is sold by its coolness , it becomes necessary to study such perception effect.This research uses an experimental approach to examine the relationship between consumers’ inferences of autonomy and perceived coolness. 281 more words