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Bringin' Home The Bacon

While trying to stay on Atkins, I occasionally get cravings for one food or another. Once in a while, I see an ad that drives me crazy with hunger… 74 more words


Participating In A Conference Ball

A Chinese executive decided to dip his pen into the company ink last week, blissfully unaware he and his China Girl were still on the conference call. 106 more words


On miracles

I like miracles.

I thank God for miracles.

I have plants that are miracles.

They should have


last fall,


they are thriving.

🌿 61 more words


Kentucky School Approves Armed Teachers

Say what you want about the South; if nothing else, they attack a problem head on.

Teachers could soon be carrying concealed guns inside schools in Pike County under a proposal that was preliminarily approved Monday evening by the Pike County School Board.

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Haiga, Haiku and NaHaiWriMo 2018 #9: Sunny Side Over


beating the heat
high on the mountainside
whispered words


Hawaiian thrush song
above slow water murmur
beating the heat


for #9 NaHaiWriMo 2-9-2018… 14 more words

Rick Daddario

Sake It To Me

Japanese vehicle manufacturer Nissan has created self-driving slippers for the country’s hotel chains. What could possibly go wrong?

Nissan Motor Co. developed a system in which slippers park themselves at the entrance of the traditional inn, called ‘ProPilot Park Ryokan,’ waiting for guests to use them upon arrival.

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I'm A Firestarter, Twisted Firestarter

One of Elon Musk’s subsidiary corporations is producing and selling flamethrowers. Apparently, they want to make some money off the idiots who burn down their trailers while trying to kill a spider. 116 more words