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Tomorrow Is Go Topless Day!

No one likes boobies more than me, but I’m holding out for Go Pantsless Day.

Apparently Go Topless Day is this Sunday, and one of the hot spots for it is Hampton Beach.

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Diving For Whirls

Meet Ingrid Oliveira.

Ingrid is an Olympic diver from Brazil who has a thirst for competition; a thirst which always takes a back seat to… 158 more words


My Kind Of Town

In a severe outbreak of common sense, the University of Chicago has told incoming freshmen to leave their special little snowflake badges home.

The University of Chicago, one of America’s most prestigious and selective universities, is warning incoming students starting this fall not to expect safe spaces and a trigger-free existence during their four-year journey through academia.

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Miranda Warnings

Unlike other entertainers, country music singers seem much more down to Earth and definitely more conservative than, say, actors. Sometimes even the good people surprise you… 170 more words


The way to dress for themed dinners

Thanks to my dear friend Norman for persuading me to do it with him, both of us really went all out for our themed dinner last Saturday. 118 more words


5 questions about wine tasting answered

I’ve been exposed to the French lifestyle for quite a while now, and that means getting used to tasting champagnes and wines. Thanks to this, I have gotten to appreciate wines a lot more, and that it is more or should I say ‘less’ than a ‘rich person’s lifestyle’. 633 more words


5 valuable lessons learnt from FOC

Amidst all the drama going on, miraculously everything sort of died down in a matter of days. I’ve concluded my journey in school, and looking back at all the things I’ve done for FOC, I actually have to thank this wonderful organisation for teaching me the most important values in life – no joke. 473 more words