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Dogs in Need of Rescuing? (or vineyard hopping with the dogs)

This weekend we were in Virginia wine country and decided to do a little winery-hopping. We stopped in Chrysalis Vineyards where OPH will be hosting their big fundraiser… 695 more words

Waiting for the Right Home

And just like that, Stitch is gone. I’d be sad, except she’s found the perfect family. She’ll have kids to adore and be adored by, an active mommy, and no cats that are never in the mood to play anyway. 887 more words

The Adorable Adventures of Coonhound Maddie Captured by Photographer Theron Humphrey

American photographer Theron Humphrey takes lovely pictures of his adorable dog Maddie going on adventures. While his previous project showed her balancing on things, his new series captures his canine companion on the road with him.


The Hydrant

Some of Us Are Remedial Learners

Sometimes I’m slow on the uptake. This week’s adventures have reminded me that I am still a rookie foster mom over here. The lesson is a repeat from… 526 more words

When the Easy Choice is the Right Choice

A very wise horse-whisperer friend of mine, a cowboy named Brad, once told me that when training any animal you need to make the right… 694 more words

I'm With the Coonhound

Carla and I have gone running several mornings this week. She is an enthusiastic companion. As she has emerged from her time of mourning, her energy has increased. 687 more words

Mixed Emotions of Foster Dogs and Dog Fosters

After all the exuberant happiness of our last two foster girls, it is quite a different story with Carla. My best guess is that she is mourning. 695 more words