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Weeks 3 and 4 of SF training and life update

You must forgive me, I missed a week.  In my defense it was a crazy week and I was very distracted.  But I got some good stuff done in there somewhere.   917 more words


Captain Flint

The borg flag is flying at half-mast today in honor of our support staff member Flint, who passed away Saturday at 15 years old (or 107 depending on if you follow that dog years thing). 114 more words

Con Culture

Week 2 Training for SF

So I’m trying something new this training cycle.  I am going to aim for a middle ground between being absolutely 100% perfect following the plan and skipping almost every run.   795 more words


My New Life with EPI

The clock says 5:02 am. I hear Petey jump out of the chair, Nerd soon crawls over Moma and hops out of bed, click-click-click down the hall they go. 517 more words

Life Of A Rescued Hound

Week 1 training for Sioux Falls!

I just realized that I wrote last week’s post but never actually posted it.  That’s ok, not much happened anyway.  I did tire out the dog in a good way and he went and hung out in his room for several hours, which he never does.   834 more words


Can I become a morning runner?

The age old question: can I make myself a morning person?  Is it possible?  I gave it my best shot with mixed results.  I think with a lot of practice and dedication I could force myself to get used to it enough to not HATE it.   1,118 more words


Birthday week and 10k!

This week turned out to be more exciting than I anticipated.  For a start it was a short week since Monday was Memorial day, and then I went to Ames for work training for a couple days and then it was my birthday!!   1,411 more words