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Meet Ben!

Some fast facts about Ben:

Likes: squirrels, tennis balls, donuts, chicken pot pie

Biggest accomplishment: Eating 40 donuts in one sitting

Ben is a free energetic spirit who is in the body of a black and tan coonhound. 558 more words


So You Think You Want a Coonhound?

If anyone reading this has had a hound I think it’s fair to say you understand the love-hate relationship.  They can be fantastic!  Loving, gentle, phenomenal hunting dogs and a go-go-go temperament when you want them to be, but turn a switch and they can play dead for 23 hours beside you on the couch.  741 more words



Well it feels good to finally get a post on this website after having it for almost six months! A New Years resolution of mine was to get the Coonhound Chronicles webpage/blog up and running. 67 more words



Something every dog needs is outdoor gear for difficult terrain. Dogs need hiking boots just like you do. Their paws will get cut on rocks just like your feet will. 55 more words


Meet Miss Molly....

Hi there,  I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything new….  However, we’ve been busy.  Over the last 3 1/2 weeks we’ve had a new addition to our family…her name is Molly. 380 more words

my dumb dog ran away

So here’s a little back story on my dog. Ever since we moved into our apartment he’s started barking and acting crazy and dragging me (with Jaks strapped to my chest) every time he sees another dog. 368 more words