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Heading to Taper... I Adopted a Dog

The plan for the Chicago Marathon is to taper 15 days before the race. I’m supposed to have the final 20 miler this weekend with… 897 more words


Loki's Liberty

We have a large 117 lb. dog and a smaller 30 lb. dog, who get along famously together. Although, a strange dog in our yard would get, and has got in the past, short thrift from him! 492 more words


The Hound Dog Myth

This week we are happy to welcome a wonderful blog post by Shauna Hanisch-Kirkbride.  Shauna is not only an HSoMC foster parent who has helped place numerous dogs over the last few years, she is also one of the founding members of the facebook page, … 641 more words

Animal Lover


“But there was no price that could be put on Sounder’s voice.  It came out of the great chest cavity and broad jaws as though it had bounced off the walls of a cave.   51 more words


Carla, Oh Carla It's Time to Go Home

I’m hesitating to write this because the last time I wrote about a dog getting adopted before it actually happened, it didn’t happen. But in the spirit of moving past my silly issue with jinxes, I’m writing anyway. 1,354 more words

orison [a prayer]

For a long time now, I’ve felt called to intercession in all its many forms. It’s hard for me to see a need and not try to meet it. 708 more words

A Page Of My Journal

Vacations Over - Time to Get Back At It! (Puppies! Really?)

Back from vacation and Carla and I had a SLOW run today (more of an amble). The humidity gets us both. For once, she wasn’t leading the way and there was no sprinting or any kind of bounding. 767 more words