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How To Take Care of Our American Flag

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La COOP, la sinistra borghese contro i lavoratori e la nostra proposta

«Le cooperative sono gli interlocutori privilegiati del ministero».

Flavio Zanonato, Ministro allo Sviluppo del Governo Letta

Quali sono in concreto le origini storiche e sociali delle cooperative e del modello cooperativo?

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It was a long day...

I cleaned out my coop today. What a production that was. I locked the chickens out of the coop at around 12pm with their container of water and feed. 722 more words


Gallery of Lynn and Blake's chicken coop



 Blake and Lynn were very kind to let us measure and take photos of their coop. Here are some of the photos of great coop features and a “blueprint” of the coop. 357 more words

Notes From a First Time Front Yard Farmer: The Long Light

Our clocks sprang forward a few weeks ago, and winter is loosening its grip, not that it was particularly tight for us this year.  Before daylight savings time, we were getting our extra light in the morning, but now we are getting it in the evening.  309 more words

Front Yard Farming

Mandarin 2015

by Yu LaoShi

$15/student/1 hour class

Message from Yu Laoshi : Language learning is a daily commitment. Do your homework every day! A brief but productive 15-30 minutes of study every single day is all you need. 107 more words


Spring 2015 Week 9

Debate is DONE.

We are gearing up for SOTM TED-ED CLUB in August.

Everyone who will participate in SOTM activities, including playdates and field trips must… 22 more words