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Operation Chicken Coop - Complete!

Apparently chickens grow REALLY FAST!! The last post I made featuring our girls was in March and they could easily be held in our hands. Now just two months later, they are almost fully feathered and active pullets. 593 more words

On The Stead

Clean With Me ~Duck Pen!~

This is a Clean With Me that is a bit different than most….Travis and I cleaned out the duck pens from all of the winter build-up.¬† 86 more words


End of Year 2018 Field Trip to North Carolina

Crab Orchard Falls


Dinner and S’mores in the Mountains

At the Top and Near the Edge of Grandfather Mountain

Just Over the Mile High Suspension Bridge… 142 more words


Murphy's Law And Lawnmowers

I have two lawnmowers. Two should be plenty for anyone to own. My property is large so I have a motorised walk behind Sabo and a ride on John Deer. 180 more words


The Coop Has Arrived Its Final Destination

After three and a half weeks, the chicken coop is out back and in its final resting place. It took me a while to get it out in the backyard because I had to replace the worn out plastic roof and installed a corrugated metal roof. 171 more words


She's In The Mood To Brood

About a week ago, on an egg-collecting trip to the coop, I encountered a very agitated Nugget in the preferred nesting box (upper left).  Thinking very little of my discovery, I asked forgiveness for my rude interruption and lifted her up to clear the eggs out from under her.   686 more words

Carpentry Instructions to build a Chicken Coop

Build your own chicken coop:

This chicken coop was specifically built in a certain manner. The picture on the front cover was the chicken coop built for this plan. 163 more words