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Coop Trieste. Istruzioni per l'uso (Parte 2)

La procedura del concordato

Cerco di spiegare brevemente quale sia la procedura del concordato. 410 more words


Coop Trieste. Istruzioni per l'uso. (Parte 1)


Questo articolo è solo informativo. Ieri nella file dei risparmiatori che avevano aderito alla iniziativa dell’avvocato Maffei, oggi in Piazza Unità mi sono reso conto che parecchie cose, purtroppo, non vengono spiegate adeguatamente. 590 more words


Frozen Poop

This is what life has come to: frozen poop.

The chickens are doing ok with the winter weather. They are more hungry and thirsty than normal, so it is important we make sure they have fresh water (it freezes quickly) and food that keeps them warm. 80 more words

La coop può darmi di più. In fila al Savoia a Trieste.

Con cento euro, per chi paga sono centoventisei poiché si devono aggiungere le tasse,  “non ci paghiamo neanche tutte le fotocopie”. Lo dice l’avvocato Donatella Cerqueni dello studio bolognese dell’avvocato Maffei che sta raccogliendo gli incarichi professionali per “ 652 more words


Feathered hen friends

I’ve been meaning to introduce you all to our chickens but crochet kept getting in the way. But now is a perfect time as my husband brought me a special present home from work with him last night. 442 more words


Fancy a Brew? The Top Five Fairtrade Teas

Tea is probably one of the most commonly bought fairtrade products in the UK. We love our tea and we love our fairtrade! Thankfully it’s not too difficult to switch your usual brew for one that pays the farmers enough to support their families. 379 more words


A Murder Mystery, Most Fowl.

Living close to the land reminds you constantly that death is a daily part of life.  The best example of this has been our experiences with… 781 more words

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