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Fall 2017 Week 7

Spanish with Ms. Casey

IRELAND: Ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain with Ms. Mary Beth

Travelling with Doctor Who: Winston Churchill and WWII with Ms. Carissa… 8 more words


How the Arts/Media and Public Policy influence one another, and how Time Banks can help!

When I lived in Izmir, a Turkish TV spot shocked me: it showed an image of an elderly Black man, evidently homeless, sleeping in a stairwell directly beneath a sign that pointed up the stairs and read “White House” followed by the caption “ 291 more words

Walking in Solothurn - Day Two along the River Emme

Another beautiful morning in Switzerland finds us on Day Two of our 5-day walk with Swiss Friends.

Two rivers run through the city of Solothurn, the Emme and the Aare. 288 more words

Ghost Recon Wildlands, oder: Das Spiel, das erstaunlich viel richtig macht.

GRW ist etwas gelungen: Es hat alle meine “Ach, das Spiel wäre so viel besser wenn es doch nur…”-Wünsche an ein Multiplayer Open World Game erfüllt, die ich in letzter Zeit formuliert habe. 650 more words

The Original Six

No, I’m not talking about hockey. I’m talking about chickens. My first six chickens were a ready-to-lay variety pack. I received 2 black Sex-Links, 2 Columbian Rocks, 1 Barred Plymouth Rock and 1 Red X. 689 more words

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Every member of the society is entitled to one type of loan or another per time. It is a fundamental cooperative practice to allow members to borrow an amount not exceeding twice their cumulative savings but we have designed a very unique model that allows our members borrow any amount that is about enough for their need even if the amount exceeds twice their savings. 729 more words


Our Services

3.1       NORMAL LOAN:

This is most popular loan in the history of cooperative society as members are entitled to twice the amount in their savings account. 1,649 more words