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Native Son (click to listen)


Some would ask why we didn’t include this incredible track on the proper album :  The CO-OP.  I can’t say I’m entirely sure, but please enjoy some electric magic written by J. 8 more words

By Golly, they like it!

Ever since I constructed elaborate toad mansions under my parents’ back deck for the itinerant toads of Ontario as a child, there is little that pleases me more than an animal inspecting something I made for them, deciding… 106 more words


Look up, look way up, it's the new guinea coop

I’m starting to worry about the guineas sleeping out “loose” in the greenhouse.  The hens are all secured at night in their respective coops, but the guineas are not safe, should a weasel come in, and now the GH is breached with multiple tunnels, one easily could. 508 more words


Bantu Create a Cooperative Farm in Maine

In an article by the “Cooperative Development News” at Mother Earth News (by way of twitter), I read about a group of Somali Bantu refugees in Maine who started a cooperative farm. 393 more words

Coop infiltration continued

A couple of days before we moved the Silkie coop into the greenhouse, I got paranoid about the Silkie moms sleeping on the ground, and I popped the two moms and their chicks into the layer hen coop after dark, using the less favored nest boxes.  159 more words


Sick child at home.

I visited today Coop’s mobile app and were impressed by their UX.

Well why I am home is because my little angel has fever and sitting in my lap right this moment. 28 more words


Help us choose where to donate our #ReverseAdvent box

We’re doing a Co-op #ReverseAdvent where we put an item into a box every day of advent instead of taking a chocolate out of a calendar. 207 more words