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A Public Health Threat: Censorship...

I remain surprised to have learned (via my favorite currently running TV show: El Ministerio del Tiempo) that the so-called Spanish Flu of 1918 actually did not likely begin in Spain, but was called Spanish due to the fact that Spain was the first (or only) nation to have reported the illness when the outbreak began.  47 more words

A Conversation with Marcus Hill :: Community-Driven Food Champion

For Marcus Hill, an interest for local food systems grew out of a blended background in public health (MPH, Yale ‘08), community organizing, social justice and a powerful permaculture course taught by respected subject expert Dr. 952 more words



July 13, 2016

Today we were moving on again, but the good news was that now we were back on our original schedule: heading for three days in Zermatt. 2,021 more words


Making a dirt bath

We made a dirt bath for the hens. It took us around 3 minutes so it is really quick. We used 3 ingredients. We used these ingredients in this order, then mixed: 59 more words



Yesterday we bought some fake eggs. We put them into the nesting box to teach the hens where to lay the eggs. By the night we bought the fake eggs the chickens had realised what they were, Stripey and Bluebell were sharing a nesting box and because it was so squishy Snowy went in her own nesting box so. 16 more words


Glad I shared a Smile that day...

Short story: glad I smiled at someone I did not know -who thanked me, and made me grateful to be alive, back in 2005. And also today. 516 more words

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Two people now have told me that this shared smile (during the 14 months I worked in Turkey) was indeed a contribution to society, even though no monetary exchange and no formal recognition was involved. Time to readjust my thinking on what makes a contribution to society, and my ability to contribute (more compassion for self and others allows greater contribution)... Read, Write,Dream, Teach !      -ShiraDest 19th of August, 12016 HE

Painting the coop

Yesterday we painted the coop. We painted the roof white and the sides sky blue. We painted the coop to protect the wood and make it last longer. 43 more words