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Death of a Chicken | Rest in Peace Clover

The unfortunate reality of keeping pets is that eventually they die. Chickens in particular have more than their fair share of deaths to choose from. From health problems to predators, any chicken owner most likely has a story to share. 318 more words


How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop

If you’re thinking of jumping on the chicken coop train, it’s not a bad train to be on. Not only do you get your personal source of organic eggs and save money on the grocery bill, but, believe it or not, chickens make good pets. 904 more words

Home Improvement

Fall 2016 Week 7

Basic Sewing

Marionette Theatre: Ancient Greece

TEDEd Club

Younger Sibling’s Class

DIY Club

Photos, painting, drawing, snake skin, origami for the great origami migration



Chicken out, then back in (#257)

New cartoons Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! And I already have three weeks of cartoons done! I’M ACTUALLY GOING TO STICK TO THE SCHEDULE THIS TIME GUYS.


Chickens in their new home.

Now that the weather is not so hot (most days) we’ve built the chickens a stationary run. Up to this point they have enjoyed a modified-trampoline-chicken-tractor that required moving every 7 – 10 days. 462 more words


Top 10 Things I Learned about Forming a Gifted Homeschool Coop 

I started School of the Minds, a local gifted homeschool coop, about 5 years ago with a few students. We now have over 50.  We focus on extra-curricular classes and opportunities that enrich our students.  969 more words


Broody hen egg poachers

Today I open the coop to this mess.

How exactly did they get an egg in the fount?

The fount is in there for the determined broody who was settled in.  650 more words