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Chicken Fence

We built a fence in the backyard to keep me outta the chicken coop and keep the hens outta the garden. The biggest pain was determining where to place the posts so that everything was aligned with the rest of the property. 405 more words

The return to UL

As a New Media and English student at the University of Limerick, a mandatory element of the course is to complete two semesters away from the University. 208 more words


Why You Should Play Left 4 Dead with a Friend?

Playing video games alone is a superb experience. There is nothing wrong with that. I actually love playing alone. It is a therapeutic way to vent out stress especially when you think that you really need that big break of your life. 411 more words


Spring 2016 Week 5

Aerospace Engineering

We shared our unmanned spacecrafts that would explore Titan, Saturn or Jupiter.

We talked about what it would be like to live on the moon. 18 more words


Job-seekers collective, anyone?

Following the example of Feruze from Sihirli Annem: (1).

1.) Don’t Give UP!!  (See (1.) below for my personal inspiration…)

2.) Ok, so for those of us hunting for a job, any job, and getting more and more tired and  frustrated by the day, what to do? 99 more words

Lord of the Rings LCG: "But it is Not THIS Day" | COG Gaming

“A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day.”  1,305 more words

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