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Adopted a papillon from the Anti-Cruelty Society last Friday! ❤️ little Coops!

You can now follow him on Instagram!

Cooper - Year 3 Week 32

This week we were in Canada. Cooper had a ton of fun exploring all sorts of new things! He was also a champion traveler. We had a couple really long travel days, but he was so awesome. 153 more words



It’s that time of the year!!!

Football season!!   I know it’s pre-season,  but it’s not “just” pre-season;  it’s “you get to watch your favorite team many  times and see who all the second and third string players are and who can be a back-up for your favorite players”  season! 395 more words

President Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper, President of the United States of America. That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? A media report chronicles the candidacy of the rocker, loved by some of us, who remember songs before millennials left their diapers. 160 more words

Politics And Government

Into the Light: Emma Lampert Cooper, the invisible wife

Known today only as the first wife of Colin Campbell Cooper, Emma Lampert Cooper (1855-1920) was as highly regarded as a painter, but since her death her works have all but vanished. 555 more words