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Cooper - Year 3 Week 19

Says: This week it’s all about poop. He thinks answering “poop” to every question is super funny and it cracks him up.

Does: Last night when I put him to bed, after our regular routine of bath, stories, and songs, I put Cooper in bed. 59 more words


Teething puppy & his toys

Oh, those sharp puppy teeth! Right now I look like a victim of self-harming because Cooper is teething big time and it means he is biting into everything and anything including our hands. 290 more words

Cocker Spaniel

Calm after the "storm", or so I'd thought...

I thought that after the holiday weekend, when we had 21 dogs and 4 cats to care for, things would seem so easy. The thing is, almost none of our boarders were here “because of” Victoria Day weekend. 897 more words

Life And Pets

Missing my Cooper

I’m missing my Cooper today and have been for awhile now.

I have pictures to look at but no wet kisses or hugs to enjoy. We’re moving and my critters (and hubby) are a couple hundred miles away. 66 more words


Jamie Cooper Wraps Up His Latest MLB Masterpiece

Renowned sports artist Jamie Cooper recently completed his latest piece of MLB artwork.  This masterpiece was done for a private collector in California.  After working on it for three years in Australia, its finally arrived in its new home.   245 more words


Jobs of the Past

Cooper : Coopers have been around for many years. A cooper is someone who makes wooden, staved vessels, bound together with hoops and having flat ends or heads. 437 more words