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x,y and i,j

I made a python reader and writer for the image representation CSUnplugged activity. You can even download it for Windows.
What I learned (the hard way) is that i corresponds to y (vertical), and j corresponds to x (horizontal), e.g. 49 more words

Fleet Dispatch

  • Auto-copy and memorize coordinates function including history list.
  • Mission auto-selection.
  • Standard objective and routine tasks are available (expedition, collect & fleetsaving).
  • Memorize last missions to repeat them.
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Main view

  • Extended resources information.
  • Coordinates from any player in the universe.
  • Planet list with large active area to select a moon. Moons are marked by orange text and border color.

Coordinates Breakout

This year I have done a few Breakouts with my class. To say that they love them would be an understatement. So this week when we started coordinates in math, the wheels in our brains started turning. 258 more words


Cords add-on

No one likes to get lost in MineCarft.  The Mac/PC Java players get their fancy F3 screens that tell them all that info, but the Pocket Edition folks need to figure their way around without it.   49 more words


How to invert lon/lat coordinates in QGIS using Python

This task is based on my answer to this question from gis.stackexchange.com.

Sometimes it happens that, when importing external files in QGIS (typically .CSV files), the fields specifying the longitude and latitude coordinates are accidentally inverted: this behavior will produce a different result in respect of the desired output. 437 more words


Something Blue

Ten days from today, Andrea and I, along with an intimate group of family members will be catching a plane to Las Vegas. Twelve days from today, Andrea and I will be exchanging our vows and beginning the next chapter of our lives together as a married couple. 234 more words