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Vowels and Consonants

Like all teachers in their first year, I made special connections with a few students. One group of kids in particular comes to mind as my first crew of kids, followers, or just plain old goof-balls. 1,079 more words

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"Why Don't You Interview Ashley?"

During my second to last week of student teaching, I attended a meeting for the special education department. Here, they were discussing the much-needed extreme makeover for programming students in special education with such a growing population–some classes exceeding 48% special ed students. 611 more words

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Goodbye Student Teaching, Hello Real World

Though it may have seemed like a grueling process, student teaching in NYC was an experience that I wouldn’t change for the world.  My students made me feel young and old at the same time. 244 more words

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Top Ten Tips for Student Teachers

  1. Keep yourself organized: Whether it’s getting into a lesson planning routine or schedule with your cooperating teacher, or creating a personal file system of the things you’ve done, you will never regret planning out every day of student teaching.
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Drugs, Alcohol, Marriage, Pregnancy, and Other Things Tenth Graders are Dealing With.

My days of teaching sweet and innocent eighth graders on the upper West side came to an end a few weeks ago when I moved to an East Harlem high school for the second half of student teaching. 893 more words

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Spread Too Thin

I can never get through class without some sort of school-wide interruption. Club announcements, fire drills, school tours, book fairs, the list goes on of things that take up valuable instruction time, yet are too important to skip out on for students. 413 more words

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September 11, 2011

In a meeting at school on Wednesday, the teachers and administration discussed how to handle the anniversary of the events of 9/11/2001. While some thought about taking a day to talk with students, others turned to the history teachers to handle coverage. 643 more words

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