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Ahhhhh Elephants: A Weekend Trip to Coorg

Having missed my train to Pondicherry, the previous weekend, I decided to join a couple of friends from the office who were headed to Coorg. Photo credits (the elephants & temple/monk) belong to Febin Bellamy. 447 more words


if God were a painter…and would have thought about creating Coorg…

the only colors in his palette would be shades of GREEN!!!!!!

i was in the middle of the forest with no other sounds other than birds and insects…no phones ringing it was a complete technology detox time….PEACEFUL BLISSFUL….perhaps any word may not really define the awesomeness of Coorg…the land of Coffee and spices and Greens and sweet people!! 144 more words


...And When the Rain Clouds Gathered: Encounters with REAL Monsoons!

We were warned ahead of time (Mary was not) and had imagined what it would be like. The real life experience involves being soaked to the bone with no umbrella (or even with), roads becoming rivers in a matter of minutes, and under-water auto rides. 341 more words

Journey From Nowhere to a Glimpse of Hope-2

Continued :-

The next stop was high school 3 years of roller coaster ride . New school new atmosphere , searching for class room quite a wonderful experience . 305 more words

Jaithra Bopanna


Before I left for my short holiday, someone asked me “what do you plan on doing in the next 5 days?”

I honestly had no answer. 202 more words

30 hours and still going strong 

so, I haven’t really slept in 30 hours and I’m still up and running and it is surprising the hell out of me! I am never a pleasant person to be around when I’m sleepy/hungry. 128 more words

Discovering a Plantation Estate & Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary!

Being a city girl, I always wanted to visit and live on a Plantation Estate where life was surrounded by nature .with no deadlines, rushing around and dependency was on what nature demanded of you. 748 more words