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Monsoon Arrives

Frogs mate during the rainy season.The male starts to croak  to get the attention of female.Hera,a croaking Glandular Bush Frog in-lookout for female

The modern culture has not included frogs in the flagship species list.So,we tend to ignore them quite often.Yet,it plays(played) a key role in human history. 226 more words


Coorg: A Place with Poetry Etched into Every Inch of It.

Like any other tourist attraction, Coorg is also adorned with dozens of places to see. Not all of them fit into the list of a true experience seeker. 511 more words


Coorg Calling - A trip to relax and reflect.

A trip to Coorg will definitely ensure you much needed relaxation and also give you the time to reflect on your thoughts. I personally found my trip to Coorg as one of the most relaxing ones. 1,969 more words


Indian Red Snail

Indian Red Snail,While crossing a stream.

A Tribute to Usain Bolt’s winning spree.

Usain Bolt finished 100mts in 9.81 sec,Snail would take approximately 2 hours to reach the same distance. 63 more words


Five things you should know about Coorg

Coorg or Kodagu is more than coffee plantations, waterfalls, treks and hills. Discover the real Coorg here… 453 more words


Disconnect and let the Wild sink in at Coorg (Kodagu)

Give nature a chance and it shall heal everything! Wisely has someone said, “wilderness is a necessity”.

Bangaloreans are blessed to be living in a city so strategically placed not more than 500kms away from anything that one would need to answer their callings, be it mountains plains or beaches for that matter.  452 more words


On the plantation trail – Woshully & Cottabetta

“They’re different species of coffee, sir. Arabica has round beans and bigger leaves and came to Coorg way before Robusta (also known as Canephora)!..The Cottabetta estate  (which literally means ‘Cold Mountain’) grew Arabica and was later transformed into a Robusta plantation…Now we’re in the Woshully estate.” 199 more words