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Case Study in Media Relations

A great tool for expanding your knowledge base on topics that impact your business is to explore  case studies. This is something we at CCS do periodically to learn from the mistakes and successes of others in the business and organizational world. 528 more words


Bar Review: The Malted Barley (Providence, RI)

Bar Review of The Malted Barley in Providence, RI.

In days gone by there have always been fancy wine bars and martini bars for the connoisseurs of those spirits, but beer lovers usually got their beer at regular bars, or maybe a brewery tasting room if they were lucky. 555 more words


Wooly's: Hippo Campus

One of the things I miss the most about home is music.  In the land of Wi-Fi streaming and The Current, my ears were almost constantly serenaded with sweet melodies.  1,253 more words

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Series Preview: Coors The Banquet Series

Fun Facts About Colorado:

1) Great Beer: Coors Original was my favorite beer back in college when I didn’t mind treating my body like a dumpster. 1,025 more words

This 28-Year-Old Master Craftsman Has A Knack For Carving Out Works Of Art

It’s okay, you can say it: “Woodworker” as a job title in 2016 sounds about as promising as “bookshop owner” or “postman.” It’s a forgotten craft that peaked in the 19th century — when horse-drawn carriages, monocles, and Civil War were all the rage. 547 more words



I think there are a few of my friends that I’d probably describe as flakes. Not many but a few.

The type of people where they arrange something, you turn up and then they keep doing the, “I’ll be there in 10!”… 10 minutes later… “I’ll be there in 10!”… and so on for far longer than anyone should have to wait and there always a chance that they’ll straight up cancel on you as well. 173 more words

Rant Alert

What happens in Colorado, should stay in Colorado

Were coming up on the 145th Anniversary of the first Professional baseball game. It was played on May 4th, 1871. Baseball has changed, evolved, and matured over those many years. 532 more words