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COP CAR (2015) starring Kevin Bacon directed by Jon Watts

  Kevin Bacon in a tailor-made role that reminds me of one of my favourites JOYRIDE with Paul Walker & Steve Zahn – thrilling. Jon Watts  6 more words


The Coolest & Fastest Cop Cars in TV & Film

Police Interceptors on the Big Screen

Hollywood has created a lot of law enforcement vehicles that spur on the mystique that police cars are stronger, faster, and more capable than their civilian counterparts. 2,390 more words


Thursday Movie Picks: Cars/Racing

This week’s theme seemed so random at first but once I started thinking about cars, and movies where cars sort of play almost like separate characters themselves, I realised there are so many great movies I should mention. 324 more words


Review: Power Rangers (2017)

Let’s be clear from the outset: I have nothing invested in POWER RANGERS at all. I never watched the show, I never had the toys, I know nothing about this property beyond the fact that they re-edited a janky Japanese show with English-speaking actors. 630 more words


Where not to drive on a windy day

Cop car was empty. Trucker and passenger unhurt.

This was last week in Wyoming. They drove past warning signs telling commercial vehicles and RVs to stay off this stretch of highway because of wind conditions.



beyonce, new orleans, formation, sink, drown, cop car Gif For Fun

beyonce, new orleans, formation, sink, drown, cop car Gif for Fun at your Time


Cowboy Lassos Escaped Calf From Hood Of Cop Car

Just when I thought I was truly living the country lifestyle…I saw this video.    Absolutely, hands down, the most country thing you’ll ever see.

Watch this guy rope this calf from the hood of a cop car.