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COP CAR (2015) starring Kevin Bacon directed by Jon Watts

  Kevin Bacon in a tailor-made role that reminds me of one of my favourites JOYRIDE with Paul Walker & Steve Zahn Рthrilling. Jon Watts  6 more words


The Coolest & Fastest Cop Cars in TV & Film

Police Interceptors on the Big Screen

Hollywood has created a lot of law enforcement vehicles that spur on the mystique that police cars are stronger, faster, and more capable than their civilian counterparts. 2,475 more words


Thursday Movie Picks: Cars/Racing

This week’s theme seemed so random at first but once I started thinking about cars, and movies where cars sort of play almost like separate characters themselves, I realised there are so many great movies I should mention. 324 more words


Review: Power Rangers (2017)

Let’s be clear from the outset: I have nothing invested in POWER RANGERS at all. I never watched the show, I never had the toys, I know nothing about this property beyond the fact that they re-edited a janky Japanese show with English-speaking actors. 630 more words