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Cowboy Lassos Escaped Calf From Hood Of Cop Car

Just when I thought I was truly living the country lifestyle…I saw this video.    Absolutely, hands down, the most country thing you’ll ever see.

Watch this guy rope this calf from the hood of a cop car.


Think of the Children

If you haven’t seen Cop Car yet, you really should. It’s a lean, mean independent crime thriller about two kids who discover an abandoned patrol car and take it for a joyride, not realizing it’s owned by a crooked sheriff who has something very, very bad hidden in the trunk, and will do anything to keep his secret safe. 565 more words

A Brief Look at The Bacon Brothers Band

(Photo from Copy of Authors Magazine)

The Bacon Brothers Band came to my attention from two sources along different time frames. In the first instance, The Bacon Brothers appeared on a program called Live From Daryl’s House – a monthly live performance webcast that is taped from singer/songwriter Daryl Hall’s home. 308 more words

Episode 104: Frozen Drinks and "Cop Car"

Remember November? Remember back before things happened and we all were just relaxing out on the patio with a blender full of frozen margaritas and some teriyaki on the old hibachi? 16 more words


Cop Car (2015)

2016 #102
Jon Watts | 84 mins | streaming (HD) | 2.39:1 | USA / English | 15 / R

The director of minor horror… 111 more words

4 Stars

Police Watch: Man arrested for 2015 murder, Woman mugged in Union Square

Police arrested 22-year-old Shaquille Fuller for murder and criminal possession of a weapon last Thursday for a homicide that took place in 2015. 1,013 more words

13th Precinct

Hitting the Road

Driving a police car is initially a very jarring experience. I’m used to tootling along at my own pace, throwing a little caution to the wind when it comes to speed limits, and flooring it towards an amber light if I can get away with it. 877 more words