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5 reasons why the Medicare rebate freeze is bad policy

When I tweeted about the Medicare freeze last week, someone replied and asked “Care to explain other than meaning you get less money?”

I thought it was a really good question as it highlights the complexity of the issue. 559 more words


Unfreeze the freeze: A storm is coming

I was really glad to hear Health Minister Sussan Ley say at the annual AMA conference in Brisbane: “The Government is not claiming we’re in a healthcare funding crisis.” 231 more words


Health is defence - Universal care vs 'user pays'

Gold Coast GP Dr Andrew Rees submitted this thought-provoking guest post about universal health care vs a ‘user pays’ system.

For some decades now, we Australians have been living in a country where basic health services have been provided with heavy government subsidies or in many cases have been provided at no direct cost to patients. 972 more words


Our healthcare system is good and affordable. But it can and should be improved.

There have been some interesting developments arising from debate around the “Medicare co-payments changes”. In particular, questions have been asked as to the nature of Department of Health advice to the Health Minister. 444 more words


Please don't ruin our holiday again, Tony

Before Christmas – just as I was about to pack my suitcase – Prime Minister Tony Abbott dropped a bomb.

Together with the Health Minister he announced that the Government had introduced a policy to stop 6-minute medicine – or ‘sausage machine medicine’ as he called it. 735 more words


“Medicare co-payment” changes: are we missing an important debate?

There has been a lot of attention paid to the Government’s Medicare co-payment, and the additional fees to be paid – including when visiting a General Practitioner (GP). 907 more words


How political leaders gamble with your health - 3 ways you can change this

It is going to hurt. Taking $3.5 billion out of general practice will be harmful to the health of Australians. Many organisations, including the AMA, RACGP and the Consumers Health Platform, are strongly opposing the revised co-payment plan. 428 more words