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Labour 'reeling from Copeland'? No, Labour winning in THE CITY OF LONDON

PoliticsHome and the Huffington Post have run this morning with stories of a Corbyn ‘staffing crisis’ with a supposed ‘exodus’ – three people, two of whom are leaving for health reasons (no speech marks on that, thank you). 381 more words

Tory 100mph ban rumour MP - no 'own car' expense claims for over 6 months

Yesterday the SKWAWKBOX revealed that Tory MP for Pendle – the constituency at the heart of bullying, intimidation and impersonation allegations against Tory councillors and activists – is believed by locals to have received a driving ban for an alleged 100mph speeding offence. 272 more words

#Copeland: 15yr ballot-count veteran echoes concerns over 'irregularities'

Since the by-elections in Copeland and Stoke the week before last, the SKWAWKBOX has revealed concerns raised by electoral analysts and others with experience of conducting election counts, regarding the propriety of the vote-count in Whitehaven for the Copeland constituency. 457 more words

Those who got it wrong in Stoke don't have the answers for the Labour party

Despite dire warnings about Labour’s prospects in the Stoke by-election, they succeeded in retaining the seat. Seb Cooke argues that the lessons that  should be learnt from Copeland and Stoke are that Labour needs to be more bold and radical. 1,854 more words


Moon Of Liberty Elections - Local by elections 02 Feb 2016

2nd Feb Local by elections round up

After last weeks loss in Copeland at Parliamentary level Labour suffered arguably an even more embarrassing loss in this weeks local by elections. 291 more words


Labour’s loss in Copeland shows we're still living in Tory Brexit la la land

The EU referendum result allowed the Tory party to effectively win a landslide victory against itself. Instead of being viewed as an incumbent party with 6 years in office, they are instead being treated as a newly-elected government. 684 more words


Shock Conservative Victory and Labour Troubles

The morning of friday the 23rd was that of any other, I rose early to use the shower before congestion kicked in, indulged in my morning bowl of beautiful chocolate flavoured wheat cereal and booted up the old PC. 1,028 more words