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#Copeland, #Tories care SO little for your #NHS they can't even be bothered to pretend

You kind of expect a Tory politician to be arrogant. That – along with a colluding media machine – is probably why they often get away with it. 537 more words

Celebrating Copeland - part 1

Before Christmas I got in contact with Florence Arts Centre with view to having an exhibition.

On Friday March 10 my exhibition was previewed before opening to the public on Saturday 11 and will be open until Saturday March 4. 291 more words


#BBC #Marr show editor admits: 'we don't worry about a show's balance'

Labour Party supporters have been disgusted over the last week or so, as a parade of right-wing ex-Labour figures from reviled former leader Tony Blair… 328 more words

Dear #Stoke, #Copeland, this man hates Labour and your democratic decision #Blair

Dear Stoke Central and Copeland voters,

Today, this man decided it would be a good time to make a speech – covered to excess by the BBC and other media – calling for resistance to Brexit and insulting the intelligence of people who voted to leave the EU. 644 more words

Tony Blair's strategic move to oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader

Contrary to popular opinion, Tony Blair is not an idiot – idiots don’t win three general elections. Furthermore, Blair isn’t out of sync with the British people either. 626 more words


Labour's Ladgeful Campaign in Copeland

‘Ladgeful’ is a very good Cumberland dialect word that describes Labour very well.

Labour are ladgeful. No question about that. In Copeland they have resorted to saying that babies will die if people vote Conservative. 216 more words