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A Trip to Qlik HQ

2017 has been a disastrous year, politically and environmentally, but something I will always cherish about the year will be my trip to Qlik in Lund, where the company was founded back in 1993. 233 more words


Under the bridge

Four days in Copenhagen, Day 1.

Yes, I went  to that restaurant. That one which was once labelled the best in the world. Or what it’s turned into these days: one long communal table under the bridge. 360 more words


How to successfully pull off day trips abroad

There are predominantly two types of of holiday makers: the two weeker cruise/trip-to-beach-resort for food, cocktails and chill but tend to only do this once a year, or the cram-in-as-many-countries-as-humanly-possible-checklist type people. 2,946 more words

Mitä syödä Kööpenhaminassa?

Ajattelin koota tähän hyviä kahvittelu- ja ruokailupaikkoja, mitä meidän tuli koettua reissumme aikana. Koko kaupunki tuntuu olevan näitä pulloillaan, eli jos ei ole muuta syytä mennä Kööpenhaminaan niin SYÖMÄÄN JA JUOMAAN. 362 more words


Fanø Study Tour: Standing in the Middle of the Sea

Fanø, regardless of my inability to properly pronounce it, is now one of my favorite spots outside of Copenhagen. It’s a small island in Western Denmark that I’m convinced once housed a family of fairies or maybe some of Tolkien’s hobbits. 1,051 more words


pixie oaks 

Copenhagen, Denmark | Thursday | 1345

we walked along the roads, ignoring the judgment that radiated from passerbys, the sound of traffic faded into the background; it felt as if we were in a temperature regulated bubble of our own. 47 more words