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Copenhagen 6 - Searching for Potatoes

While wandering through Copenhagen, I remembered an observation from UBC urban design professor Patrick Condon: There is a neighbourhood in the city, unique in form, that shows how density can be accommodated in a very friendly way.   368 more words


It's been Hyggelig

life in Copenhagen has been exciting and a whirlwind. Since moving here I’ve invested my time in making friends, eating at lots of places, visiting lots of attractions, learning to bike and giving my new job top priority- it’s been a very hectic few months… I’ve laughed a lot, missed home and then cried a lot, I’ve gone on some dates… so now is the time to continue with the blogging :) 48 more words


Undskyld // An Apology

A sincere apology to all of you. I know it’s been a long time. I’m disappointed at myself. I used you. I know. I’m sorry, once Copenhagen got a bit less rainy and I got a bit less lonely and found few more friends, I deserted you, dear Blog. 333 more words



Where do I even begin? I cannot put the last five weeks into words, but I’ll do my best..

London – As on my Croatia and Bosnia trip, I was able to see parts of myself I didn’t know existed. 340 more words


Hostel #1 DanHostel Amager

What better way to experience Europe than in a hostel? We don’t have them in the states and they’re the most economical for young people with low standards. 255 more words