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a little help from my friends

I met Pat when our mutual friend Seemore Simmons brought her to the first Scott Morgan Design Scholarship event we held in High Point, NC. I hosted it at the home I shared with Scott and… 305 more words

"Beautiful Vibrations": Living through medical illness with Bach flower remedies

Dr Edward Bach described his flower remedies as having “beautiful vibrations” capable of promoting positive mental states such as hope, courage and calm. Established as a safe and natural therapy for almost 100 years, they can help to relieve the emotional distress often associated with physical illness. 133 more words

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Read How HerAfter Got It's Start

My name is Rachael, I’m a cancer survivor, and it’s my life’s work to help you see how beautiful and powerful you are. HerAfter was created to share what I learned from surviving cancer, and to help others live with intention, gratitude, and consciousness. 338 more words

On Purpose And Passion

On Acceptance: Allowing Emotional Wounds to Heal

Life is a contact sport. Well, more like a contact sport played by first graders. It’s dirty, it’s messy, the rules are hard to remember and everyone has their own strategies. 866 more words

On Purpose And Passion

Get Past Fear, And Embrace Change You Didn't Choose

Oh to get past fear, one of the most uncomfortable things we can do. As we announced on Twitter, we’ll be out of New York City for a few work projects. 1,276 more words

On Purpose And Passion

5 Things They Never Tell You About Life After Cancer

They’ll tell you how to cope during treatment, but life after cancer has it’s own battles. Because treatment ends, but cancer never truly leaves you…At 17, 1,220 more words

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