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No more subtraction

One day, I decided to be brave and brought Mom out to lunch. It was special because Mom only heads out for medical appointments nowadays. (How did it come to this? 171 more words


recap review restart 

I haven’t posted for months though the thought often comes to mind. There’s enough to say but I’m not sure where to start again. So here’s a recap, which is also a summary of sorts for myself. 269 more words



Arthur is about as cold and severe as it’s possible to be without actually being struck from a block of granite. Tall and broad, a little stooped at the hip, he slowly wheels his wife Pat into the kitchen, parks her at the table, fusses some things on the tray in front of her – a box of tissues, a beaker of cold tea – then sits heavily in the chair opposite. 644 more words


An Overview

I’ve been putting writing this off for awhile, honestly. It’s not that it’s something I don’t want to talk about, but rather something I’m not sure how to say. 694 more words


if not me, then who - am i

if not me, then who – am i

I can’t find much content aimed at people with early dementia. Most everything is for the poor souls who love people like me. 210 more words

Looking Over Old Photos with Her Demented Mother

Redirecting the demented elderly’s attention, strolling down that Memory Lane once more, translated…

Ever since mom started showing signs of Alzheimer’s, a lot of things became like water, flow to wherever we don’t know. 423 more words

Experiences Of Life