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A painful morning...

I received word yesterday that a co-worker’s daughter died in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday.  She was 19.  Since Jerritt died the news of death, no matter if I know the family, gives me a sense of pain because I know the devastation that death leaves behind.   740 more words

Parent Grief

Mourning Fog

I was writing a poem for an assignment that I accepted through WordPress when one of the prompts was “fog”. When I pull up the weather sites one of the warnings that is often posted is “Morning Fog”. 353 more words

Coping With The Death Of A Child

What I've seen as life goes on...

It’s been a month since I put my feelings into words.  I’ve thought about writing several times but chose to just keep it all inside.  Instead, I’ve been watching – studying others around me, listening to conversations, reading other blogs, watching how ‘life goes on’, and sometimes word gets back to me on how others think I’m doing, yet there are few who truly ask me how I’m doing.  1,450 more words

Parent Grief

Thirty three years

You have probably had that moment when you have been very busy and the busy-ness stops. You are in a familiar place where you stand still for just that second and the familiar is surprising because of  just how familiar it it is. 736 more words

Coping With The Death Of A Child

Learning to Live with the Death of a Child

“You might as well amputate my heart!” one father exclaimed as he tried to express his pain after the sudden death of his son. Is there life after the death of a child?  517 more words

Conversations For The Hurting

5 months....

5 months today, and it was such a struggle to self-coach myself out of bed, even though I do it everyday!  It wasn’t because it is January 10th, because honestly, I hadn’t realized the date until I was on my way to work.  165 more words

Parent Grief

In honor of . . .

There are situations you cannot imagine. There are circumstances even when witnessed you will not be able to understand. It is true for everyone.
I have seen photos and films of war and I can not imagine how the people feel who have witnessed battle. 761 more words

Coping With The Death Of A Child