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Honoring your dead child on Memorial Day

I visited Daniel’s grave today with my grandson, Patrick Daniel, who was named in his honor. Patrick’s mother is Summer, pictured at the far left in this old photo of Summer, Brook and Daniel taken when my three oldest children were still young people full of promise. 449 more words

Coping With A Child's Death

Twice the pain

I’m pissed off!  On a day that should be for celebration, I am reminded that we suffer a loss more than that of Jerritt.  With Jerritt’s death came a loss of hope  that one day we’d all be a family, again.  151 more words

Parent Grief

Dear Son

Dear Son,

I don’t write here as often as I used to though I talk to you all the time. I remember when people told me in an attempt to comfort  that “you would always be with me ” after you died. 595 more words

Coping With The Death Of A Child

My friend

I’ve had a knock on the door the past few days. I keep ignoring the knock. No one will know I’m home if I walk around quietly. 934 more words

Parent Grief

Class of 2015

My activity of choice to relieve stress is photography.  I find peace when I get outdoors and create family portraits for others.  Sunday was a bitter-sweet evening for me as I picked up my nephew, who is also my godson, so that I could create his senior portraits.  465 more words

Parent Grief

Returning to work after the death of your child

Before your child died, you probably knew someone in the workplace who suffered a traumatic loss – a home fire, cancer diagnosis, messy divorce, public bankruptcy, or even a spousal death. 588 more words

Coping With A Child's Death

8 months of discovering my friends...

Eight months without Jerritt and it still feels as raw as August 10, 2014.  As I read other blogs of parents who have reached or about to reach two years, I have no hope in the healing remedy of time.   719 more words

Parent Grief