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Are limits meant to be... nudged?

Sometimes we exceed our limits to have an adventure… and we pay the price. But we plan for the consequences of our actions and are willing to pay the price. 1,146 more words

For All that You Are

May the sun always rise to meet you; The Word be a lamp for your feet. The wind gently guide you, and not knock you down. 192 more words


The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive - Stephen Fry

This is such a deeply, insightful documentary about the struggles a person goes through with Bi-Polar. It will go down a more tragic path as the film continues walking through these dark corridors into the psyche of various persons with this diagnosis. 631 more words


Unfathomable Emptiness

If you have read my previous entry, you would know by now that I am struggling to be above the water. It bugs me down it is bordering annoying. 232 more words


What is this new feeling I have lately? It seems to be a new flavor, a mixture of several. I’m feeling calmer, not exactly at peace, but not so turbulent either. 1,670 more words


Weather Patterns

Try not to take it to heart. It’s a day. Or something a person said, and it was meant to cause you pain, but it doesn’t have to. 105 more words


Good Neighbors

So I’ve got some wasps trying to make a home behind the aluminum siding next to my front door. I was standing on my balcony zoning out after the storm and one of the wasps flew straight at me. 124 more words

The Everyday Life