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Why are we never content in the moment?

I just wanted to make a quick post on some thoughts I was having. I realize I’m only 1.5 years graduated from high school, but I fee like that’s long enough to reflect on high school. 824 more words

Influence and Impact-Avoiding Driving Yourself Nuts

Within the past week more than a couple of friends have voiced their frustrations, and that has always been worrisome to me. I’ve lost friends due to the ultimate acting out on frustration that had grown into hopelessness when nobody was looking, self included. 805 more words

The Greater Good

Saw our psychiatrist yesterday

Yesterday we saw dr barry. Remember Jasmine was suicidal? Well she was going to talk to her. But Dr Barry said she thought that since Jasmine was doing therapy with Eileen at present, that there would be little value right now in her also talking with her. 829 more words


Happy Holidays Be prepared

I hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving both here in the United States and any where else that celebrates a day of gratitude.  The celebration started with the Pilgrims and the Indians helping each other through a tough growing season and working together.  421 more words


5 Years

Tonight I was driving down a little country road and suddenly realized there was a deer standing in the road.  Not really in the middle of the road – it was standing in the middle of the lane I was not driving in.  181 more words


Sick Daze

I’ve had a cold since late Monday and I’m doing my usual OD-ing on Dayquil/Nyquil to cope. I hate being sick. I may have mentioned it before but I hate it. 255 more words

Coping with Insecurity

We all might have some insecurities, especially with the holiday season coming and the gathering of friends and family. Though it may be something we all have it might effect us all differently. 282 more words