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Seasonal Affective Disorder and Running...

This is a throwback to an article I wrote in December 2010 for our local running club’s newsletter. I decided to share it with you now because I think it is interesting that I had been diagnosed with bipolar by this time but I couldn’t yet fully come to terms with it or admit it to anyone. 972 more words

Coping With Loss and Dealing With Grief

How do you move on after losing a loved one? The answer to that question may be as impossible as trying to imagine life without some of those you hold closely. 1,401 more words


Thinking your way out of trouble. (Cont’d from prev.)

I am writing this letter with the intention of, at this stage, no more than informally introducing a nevertheless exciting and – in the right hands and subject to appropriate guidance – readily applied approach in the pursuit of psychological wellbeing and healing, namely Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). 795 more words


Be it so angry

Ironically, I woke up angry today.

Anger is natural. Anger is the response we as tiny humans choose unthinkingly when we don’t get what we want, and at 44 I am embarrassed to say it is still often my first response. 327 more words


A little perspective

As outlined in this post I’ve arranged to see a Counsellor next week for a free assessment to see if she can help me find ways of dealing with my Mum.   1,188 more words


Five months in...

Something I find interesting about starting to be more honest with the people in my life about my inability to have kids is that frequently the first question asked is about our next step towards having kids. 263 more words

Big, Small It's All Milk To Mourn

There is no sense crying over spilled milk. Unless you really wanted that milk.  Or it was the last bit of milk in the house.  Or maybe you are attached to the milk.   281 more words