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Perfect Strangers

I heard or read somewhere that we should try and turn our heartache or pain into art. So here I am in front of my laptop about to bleed on it. 757 more words


The new normal

Chris and I were sitting at the realtor’s office anxiously awaiting a response to the bid we placed on our dream home:  a beautiful, two-story cottage on the outskirts of town tucked quietly away on 15 acres of timber with a creek running through the back.   1,096 more words


A few years ago, a series of popular books were published that offered readers suggestions about making healthier food choices by swapping out an unhealthy food for a healthy one. 

1,315 more words
That's Another Story

Something is wrong

Something is wrong with my life. I thought that by time I got to be in the decade that I’m in, life would be better than it is. 421 more words



The more grateful we are, the more positive we are, the kinder we are to ourselves and others, and the more likely we are to stay on track with our goals! 38 more words

Fit Psychology

'Stainback' Potential

It’s January 22nd, the seventeenth year in the 2000s, and so much has happened.

Not only is it the first month in the new year, but outside of the continuing battle with my wayward mind, and the selling of our first home, among many changes in our family dynamics, some good, some bad, the greatest change in dynamic is the leadership of this world. 758 more words




Seems like a fairly prosaic, overly used, none descript word.

It’s dictionary definition is:

‘giving pleasure or sastification; pleasant or attractive’.

Nice, when you think about it, is a lovely thing to be. 368 more words