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Catching Balloons: Living with anxiety

Imagine this:

You’re standing in an open field, there is nothing else around you, just grass and open sky. Oh, and the balloons of course. A large circle of different coloured, bright, squishy balloons. 373 more words

Identity Musings


And in an instant, everything can change.

Can I vent? Is it okay that I completely lose my cool- let go of the grip that (as a 25 yr old mother of 2) I’m supposed to have on life? 735 more words


Anxiety: what causes anxiety and what we can do about it

Anxiety is something we all know too well. That feeling you get before an important exam or meeting, the feeling when faced with a tight deadline, when you’re running late and know you’re going to have to explain yourself, feeling self conscious in a room full of people….You know the sort of thing I mean and we’ve all been there I’m sure. 450 more words


I survived the first week. I had some good days and some bad, where it was all I could do to not give in to food cravings. 115 more words


best friends

No, Lucy is not my “best friend.” Nobody is. I do not have a “best friend” – well, not anymore. And I am very relieved. 1,916 more words


The Afterward: 18 April

Lunch with a friend—another friend on team “forgive .” This friend explained that people do stupid things, they should be made to promise not to do it again and forgiven. 377 more words


The Afterward: 17 April

Went to my sister’s dive competition, where she got first place in JV girls, watched “Trick ‘r Treat” with sister and friend, then went to the racetrack and out for Thai food with the friend, and it just made me wish that people would stop trying to comfort me and make me feel better because it makes me feel like they think I’m not doing okay, or I’m somehow coping wrong. 203 more words