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Counting Time

Art used by permission.  Jeni Fitts. Prints are available on her FB page, Provoking Drama

In my grieving mind there is a definite separation of  time– … 993 more words


On The Acceptance Of Disappointments

There is no man who can boast of having enjoyed an unbroken string of successes.  The variability of Fortune, a pervasive theme in these pages, is a force of nature that ensures success will be liberally interspersed by failure.  1,297 more words


Write here, write now.

I keep typing sentences and deleting them. I have an urge to write today but nothing seems appropriate.  I fulfilled my creative task of the day by volunteering to read a new play at scratch level this morning – It was awful, just… Yeah.  707 more words

The Dao of Attachment

 I think my life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face. George Eliot

We are social beings. We have survived as a species because of our ability to live and work together. 1,190 more words

And it was good

Today I decided to eat breakfast on the porch. It is frequently too hot but today is milder and there is a breeze. We live on a tidal marsh. 227 more words


I just have to get to 7pm

I just have to get to 7pm.

Some darker days are worse than others. This isn’t a particularly bad one as my mind is still functioning well… body however is another story. 1,105 more words


Ass Kicking Mouse Explosion

Just one more year …. one more excruciating, knock down and dragged out painful year. One more year and I can take him for everything possible, like a thirsty sponge. 367 more words

Advice Needed