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First Sale! ...sort of.

The first time I bought some copper I met one of the owners who seemed moderately interested in what I was using it for.  Or maybe I simply started a conversation, which I frequently do just to make for a more pleasant day.   237 more words


Stargazing Rabbit, Copper Art Jewelry

This piece posed one of my biggest challenges.  But my friend Beth had the solution which, simply put, was to punch two holes instead of one.   208 more words


A Bee in a Box, Copper Art Jewelry

Not having a square punch was not a deterrent for me.  I simply took a small sharpened chisel and after marking the square on the copper, I placed the metal on a wooden block and pounded out the square. 172 more words


Making Jewelry From Brass- A New Brass Ring

I just started making jewelry from brass. The brass I use is 230 alloy brass.  It is sometimes referred  to as jewelers brass.  The type of brass has a close appearance to gold, …. 175 more words


Introducing Kym's All About the Bling

Kym and Steve all gussied up for Halloween.  

     Steve and I are those crazy, creative types who dabble in just about any type of medium.  And by dabble, I mean we love to work with our hands to make incredible one-of-a kind pieces of jewelry, art, and accessories.   110 more words

Beaded Jewelry

3 kilns running all week long …

I continue to wrap up projects/start new ideas as we get closer to the show – while I can.  I have a finite amount of free time before we roll into pup watch … THIS weekend! 


Fused Glass

Hammered Copper Earrings

These are some of my new hand hammered, textured copper earrings that are lightweight and a joy to wear. I used a metal stamp to hammer swirls into the copper rounds. 73 more words

Amy Davis Art