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Copper Wedding Inspiration

Well hello, copper! Silver and gold have long held their place in the wedding world, but copper is a new take on the metallic trend and we are loving it! 104 more words


We've cooked the water, now to plate it up!

Distilled water, check.

Cathode array, check.

Painted tracks, check.

Right we’re ready to plate these tracks and get them coppered up! First off we need to make our copper sulphate solution. 195 more words


Under the Sea Earrings | DIY Tutorial

Whether you prefer The Little Mermaid or Mermaids: The Body Found, one thing is for sure: mermaids are very cool. You know what else is cool? 324 more words

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The Cooper Panic of 1789

The Copper Panic of 1789 was a financial crisis in the early United States that was caused by debasement and loss of confidence in copper coins that occurred under United States first president George Washington. 380 more words

Make a Nature-Themed Metal Art Piece at the Nature Center

Jamestown, NY – Creating a distinctive piece of art with one’s own hands can be very gratifying – but it’s not something most of us get to do very often. 248 more words

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DIY Copper Scrap Decor

Copper is such a beautiful metal. If you have any scraps lying around from the previous copper crafts, put them to good use. Cut a very thin strip along the side of the sheet and it will curl like a ribbon all on it’s own. 30 more words


Asymmetric copper catalyzed C-N coupling

Greg Fu and Jonas Peters and co-workers at Caltech have reported in Science on a copper catalyzed asymmetric C-N bond coupling reaction that required blue light.

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