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On the need to be dead, the onset of fame, fifty years, and a hole in the ground

(I’ll just say at the outset that this is not leading where you think it’s going to lead. Bear with me on that.)

When does fame start? 727 more words

Copperhead: A Case Study in Bad Marketing

Ron Maxwell has his fans and he has his detractors—but what he really needs is a good marketing department.

Case in point: I recently ordered a copy of his movie from… 922 more words

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Copperhead 9 (July 2015)

Faerber does another Western standard this issue and it’s yet another success for Copperhead. The sheriff is leading a posse (her, three androids, one of the native guys–I think he’s a native guy, I can’t remember) to rescue Boo. 137 more words


Busby's Pull-list for July 29th, 2015

I’m not sure about everyone else out there, but sometimes finding time to read is a challenge. At times, I feel like I read too many titles; then, when I see what is being published, how many good people are writing, arting ( 140 more words

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Pull List for July 29, 2015

Today’s comics pull list, if I bought on release day instead of waiting for the eventual digital price drops. I still remain dozens of issues and scores of dollars behind, even if I only count series I’ve already started. 74 more words

Pop Culturist

Let 'er Rip

This here’s Liam.  Liam Goodwell.  Denton County Goodwells.


Well, here’s the thing.  The thing about my Mama is there ain’t one slice, not one durned iota, not a shred nor a hair nor a nugget o’ woulda, coulda, shoulda in her.   939 more words

Agkistrodon contortrix

  • ოჯახი: გველგესლასებრნი (Viperidae)
  • ქვეოჯახი: ღრმულთავიანი გველები (Crotalinae)
  • გვარი: დინგფაროსანები (Agkistrodon)
  • სახეობა: სპილენძისთავა (Agkistrodon contortrix)
  • ქვესახეობები: არსებობს (5)
  • მაქს. ზომა: 1.3 მეტრი
  • შხამის ხარისხი:  საშუალოდ შხამიანი
  • 159 more words
გველგესლასებრნი (Viperidae)