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Dodging Copperheads

When I was a boy, I loved to walk in the woods near our house. They held old trees and vines. There were ruins from the Civil War, and cypress trees, and right in the middle was a swamp teeming with nutrias. 557 more words


Copperhead #18 (January 2018)

Copperhead wraps the arc in a really, really, really quick issue. Faerber intentionally avoids half of Clara’s character development possibilities. There are four. Faerber does two. 158 more words


Copperhead and Ironskin..Hugo Nominee?

A reminagined fairy tale is exactly what every adult wants to read, even if it is a YA novel. Yet again, another find on BookOutlet. I am beginning to love finding new reads there. 279 more words


G.I. Joe is a line where when they nailed a figure, no matter how niche a specialty they may have, people will find a use for them. 412 more words


Copperhead 17 (December 2017)

Copperhead hasn’t exactly been lost since Faerber took the focus off Clara and expanded the existing supporting cast, then expanded new supporting cast, but it’s been kind of… not… 168 more words


Heavy Gear Blitz - Copperhead unit addon

When Heavy Gear Blitz moved to its latest incarnation – the Living Rule Book – certain models and variants that had existed in previous versions were left out. 298 more words


Copperhead 16 (November 2017)

One of the most frustrating things about Copperhead is how effective it can be. This issue ends with one heck of a standoff and it’s kind of cheap, but it isn’t because Faerber has done so much work on the characters and their relationships it can’t be cheap. 165 more words