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Copperhead 14 (June 2017)

Faerber closes off the arc with an action thriller. The sheriff has got to find and apprehend a contract killer, but without enough information and without any backup. 86 more words


Md. Woman Bit By Snake In Her Bed; Almost Has To Amputate Arm

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A Maryland women nearly had to have her arm amputated after she was bitten by a venomous snake in her Silver Spring home. 144 more words


In Which I Murder Snakes for the First Time Ever in my Life!!

So this morning I woke up to my 12 year old telling me there was a copperhead in the duck barn and we were already down three ducklings! 529 more words


Evening Walk in the Marinoni

Hiker-dog and I scouted a route into the Marinoni Scenic Area on Monday evening. Hiking late in the day offered views in a new light, but my concern was how long that light would last in this deep Ozark hollow.  379 more words

Copperhead 13 (May 2017)

Artist Moss still doesn’t compare well to the original artist, but at least he’s starting to get into the personality of Copperhead. Clara is on a case and nothing’s going to stop her. 72 more words


Ex 5.2 Choose a photograph and respond to it

I went around the houses on this one. My first choice was Copperhead by Moyra Davey. She photographed 100 one cent coins, the head side, and cropped the result to the profile of Abraham Lincoln. 1,603 more words

Part 5

Copperhead 12 (April 2017)

It’s another too fast read, mostly because Copperhead has been gone so long you want to spend more time with the characters. But it’s also because Moss’s art doesn’t invite dwelling as much as Godlewski’s did. 54 more words