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Reading - Moyra Davey

The first time I tried researching Moyra Davey I spelled her name wrong and failed to turn up anything interesting. Re-doing it today, I was stunned by the work that appeared. 176 more words


Watch a baby copperhead snake snap viciously at a golf club

Dare I say, this baby snake is actually pretty cute. And it serves that golf club right! Don’t go around agitating snakes without expecting a few snaps. 67 more words


Batman: Arkham Origins Game Review

Hey guys, Beast here.

So the other day I bought Batman Arkham Origins, to be 100% honest I wasn’t disappointed about the game. I am a huge Batman fan, I played Arkham Asylum and City but I wasn’t sure that this game was going to be good. 1,155 more words

Ud1eByTh3 B3ast

Copperhead 10 (October 2015)

Faerber plays loose with the pacing in this issue of Copperhead. He’s going for reader pleasure, not being tied to the characters. The sheriff is out to rescue Deputy Boo from some outlaws; Faerber shows her determination, but it isn’t the story. 149 more words


Stack Science- 10.7.15

Years ago, I did a series of articles about something hilariously dubbed “Stackology,” which dealt with my very particular routine for attacking a week’s worth of comics. 577 more words

Stack Science

New Kid on the Block

Hello, my name is Dustin Owen and I’m one of three new PhD students in Tracy Langkilde’s Lab. I’m originally from east-central Indiana where I got my B.S degree in Biology from… 321 more words

Fence Lizard

NC woman discovers she’s ridin’ snaky down the interstate with a copperhead in her car

CHARLOTTE, NC – If there’s one thing worse than finding snakes on a plane, it’s finding a snake in your car. Just ask Beckie Kistler of Charlotte, North Carolina who found a Copperhead in her car. 189 more words