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Kiefer & Rauschenberg

Practice Development : Final Major Project

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 5

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My tentacles are triggered by finding artists who work with imagery on ‘solid’ media. 451 more words

Final Major Project

How Americans fell in love with hot sauce

If you were to look for a geographic connection between Buffalo wings, East Carolina barbecue sauce and Texas brisket, you might be surprised to find the thread leading back to Louisiana – or more specifically, Louisiana-style hot sauce. 1,123 more words

History + Culture

This is the difference between Cajun and Creole

The first sure sign that you’re a tourist in New Orleans is usually the butchering of the city’s name – nobody in Louisiana actually says “Nawlins.” But a close runner-up is interchangeable usage of the words “Creole” and “Cajun.” Cajun and Creole people, cultures, and certainly cuisines may blend well together, but should be appreciated for their distinctions. 958 more words

History + Culture

Spring In Texas Means Snakes Ending Hibernation

COLLEGE STATION (AP) — Texas A&M University experts say spring-like temperatures in areas of Texas mean snakes are coming out of winter hibernation, increasing the likelihood of people and pets getting bit. 123 more words


Dodging Copperheads

When I was a boy, I loved to walk in the woods near our house. They held old trees and vines. There were ruins from the Civil War, and cypress trees, and right in the middle was a swamp teeming with nutrias. 557 more words