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What Drew The Crowd? by Dennis Allen Lange

I once saw a case of too many
(But maybe I was just a ninny).
…I knew not the facts;
…I just saw the acts. 42 more words


Part 1: Settling in

Having spent the first 2 years of my college life in the very small and student-filled town of Maynooth, my third year brought something bigger, better but absolutely terrifying. 393 more words


Colorado's legal weed impacts Kansas - not necessarily in a bad way

❝ Early results from a survey of law enforcement agencies conducted by the Kansas attorney general suggest legal Colorado marijuana is having a big impact on Kansas, but it may not be all negative.

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Filling the Indyman void.

Certainly the highlight of 2015 for me was the Saturday daytime session at Indyman. So many beery folk to talk to, so many great characters to trade stories with. 314 more words

After coppers were given body cameras complaints fell 98%

❝ Cameras worn on police uniforms have been lauded as a possible solution to many of the problems facing officers in the line of duty, from violence against law enforcement to the unnecessary use of force.

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In The Hood

A suspect arrest a short while back
has caused the police to get some flack.
The suspect chose to struggle and fight
the officers using all their might… 276 more words