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‘Peelers’ was the name given to the first police officers in the UK and they were named after Sir Robert Peel who introduced them, first in Ireland, and later in England. 72 more words

Steve Proctor

More Shameful to Distrust than to Deceive

Rory and Brendan, sharing a few beers and more than a few laughs. Just like old times. They’d fallen out now and again, lost touch for a couple of years after college – who doesn’t? 389 more words

Short Stories

Post 6- Take Me Home Country Roads


If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your homeMalala Yousafzai

You probably didn’t know this but it’s 67 miles from Oram, Co. 1,446 more words

All About Me

Rose Gold for Red Heads

The most perfect accessory for redheads in Rose Gold.  It has a warmth, and a  prettiness that cannot compare to silver or gold.  When I think of rose gold, I always think of ordinary gold” blushing  with embarassment  causing it to  send out  a rosy glow.    262 more words

Hair And Beauty

Breezy Blunders

A gale tips a bin

Spilling waste and tins

A tin rolls down a hill

In the path of a running  man

The man takes a spill…

29 more words

Roll Call: The Calling

By Mikey, Retired LAPD

Today is June 15, 2017, a day after the shooting in Virginia and the near massacre that was thwarted. Everyone there, the politicians, the aides, the whosevers, … 531 more words

Roll Call

20170615 Britt, Hwy 529 Painted lady, moths, skippers, brushfoots, coppers, cabbage butterfly, dragonflies

We spent some time looking into the grass along Hwy 529 and Riverside Drive to see butterflies, moths, bees & flies foraging, pollinating and, I think, laying eggs. 270 more words