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Serenity and vitality

Early this morning, there was a moment of perfect stillness, silent except for birdsong (song thrush, wren, blackbird, dunnock), the crowing of cock pheasants and village roosters, and the ‘chak-chak’ of passing fieldfares. 249 more words


Hurdles for garden design competition

I’ve nearly finished three willow hurdles that will be part of  a garden design competition that a college’s design students are entering. They  were after low impact, local materials, these should fit the bill. 35 more words


Coppice day with Clophill Heritage Trust

A day  spent talking about coppicing, ancient woodland and the stuff we do? Hardly a tough assignment really! Given that this is stuff I should be able to do in my sleep, I did send a whole load of time preparing it. 214 more words


Charcoal Kiln

When we walk through our woodlands we can often see evidence of coppicing carried out in times gone by.  Through the years our coppices have been neglected and unmanaged.  42 more words


Wonderful Willow

Since we have had our lovely plot we have come to know the land and how things grow etc.  We had one piece of land that was very ‘claggy’  (not sure where The Husband got that word from!).  393 more words

Balls and how to make willow ones

We’re leading a day in the as yet undiscovered craft of making a ball from nothing but willow, on Sunday 22 March, here in Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire. 212 more words


Winter tasks, Spring signs

Working away at the coppicing. Last year’s was successful – having protected against the deer & rabbits, so another set this year. We should really do more to get a proper rotation, but doing all the protection is time consuming. 34 more words