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Surrey365; Day 45. Layers of leaves.

Classic coppice; understory of hazel, middle layer of rowan and mature oak above. Love these leaf patterns. :-)


Surrey365; Day 28. More bluebells.

This lovely little copse is paradise in spring; bluebells, wood anenomes, celandines and other wild flowers carpet the ground. It’s very quiet, too, so not as blighted by dog mess as a lot of the places I walk sadly are.


The Dynamic Heritage of Woodland Management: Destruction, Renewal and the Art of Coppicing

In February, I spent a day on a coppicing course in the Cotswold Hills, with Cotswold Rural Skills. Coppicing is an ancient form of woodland management, which involves the chopping down of trees close to ground level for the extraction of timber and in order to encourage new growth. 1,093 more words

Fancy February

February has seen some huge developments at the farm! Heritage and Sons construction came to the farm to install several new water troughs in the fields and to provide water to our vegetable beds so that during the summer months we don’t have to find miles and miles of hose pipes! 230 more words

Bug out shelter

At the weekend we were coppicing down the bottom of the wood where there is no shelter. (Well, there is no shelter anywhere in the wood since various tarpaulins blew away.)  I was already setting aside some of the good straight coppice poles so we hurriedly fixed a ridge pole and some diagonals and laid the tarp on top to keep us mostly dry whilst we ate our cheese sarnies. 34 more words

What Are We Doing In The Wood?

Coppicing - and a surprise bug

We have been coppicing a new area of the copse, trying to get some sort of rotation going. The last three years efforts look good. A friend helped and we did about 10 stools, it doesn’t sound much but some were large. 65 more words


Coppiced or pollarded?

The pruning of the lower branches of this tree has resulted in vertical growth. There are many examples of them in Petersham Park, Sydney, Australia. What a journey we have been on this morning, to find out the definition of this form of pruning! 128 more words