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Another Battlefield Hardline Beta but has it changed enough?

It’s a ‘little’ late for this, because reasons but I still wanted to say my thoughts on the second Battlefield: Hardline Beta by Visceral Games. OK so it’s actually very late, so late in-fact that the full and proper game comes out tomorrow but hey there’s still time to cancel your pre-order in case this falls apart ;) (and on that note, stop pre-ordering games!). 907 more words


Nothing As Simple As Cops And Robbers

Saturday 14 March 2015

Back in the day . . . I’ve always wanted to use that phrase, and it seems to fit quite well in this context . 786 more words

Armchair Philosophy

Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Gotcha, in the Cops and Robbers Game.


Jack had stopped listening long ago.  It wasn’t a voluntary thing, he was just too captivated by the sight of her to care about anything else.   1,696 more words


Cops and Robbers - Unleashed

Cops and Robbers is a new restaurant situated in the nook of Greenhills, San Juan, Manila. The place is hard to find but definitely worth it. 160 more words

Restaurant Review

Watch: Two dachshunds play game of cops and robbers

TORONTO — Put your paws in the air and nobody gets hurt.

Crusoe and Oakley, two dachshunds from Toronto, recently played a really cute game of cops and robbers. 118 more words


Pointless Punishments

If there’s one thing that irritates police officers across the board, it is manifestly inadequate sentencing of offenders put before the court. I don’t think there’s a copper in the state who hasn’t said ‘what’s the point?’ when someone they worked hard to charge, gets let off with the proverbial ‘slap over the wrist’. 680 more words


Music Video: Jennifer Hudson ft. Iggy Azalea - "Trouble"

Jennifer Hudson + Iggy Azalea have a high speed chase in the music video for “Trouble.”

While Azalea is playing the ride-or-die chick, the “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)” singer is laying down the law. 82 more words