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NYC be mad different bruh 😂 pic.twitter.com/uE2OzUVzhB

— Kickz (@kickzjilla) October 16, 2018

NYC is mad different bruh is the nicest thing you can say about this video.

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Suck It [script]

CYRUS, a young man with black hair and bronze eyes, slowly drives down a long country road in his red mustang

Silver four door is tail gating and honking. 132 more words


Cops and donuts in the U.S. and Britain

There’s no limit to the ways that Britain isn’t like the U.S. and I’ve just found a new one. But the story starts back a step or two. 418 more words

Intercultural Mayhem

Month of Horror Day 14- The Descent Review

Another day, another review, this time of The Descent. Beware, there are some spoilers in here as we discuss both the theatrical and alternate endings. Enjoy, then subscribe, like, and comment. 20 more words


New Stores and close calls

Hey everyone!

My day today was designed to be somewhat relaxing.  You know, stream some video games, not take any calls or anything.  Just taking a break! 297 more words

Serial Dreaming Blog

Too Little, Too Late! #CornerstoreCaroline Apologizes After Falsely Accusing Black Boy Of Assault

#CornerstoreCaroline reminds me of another false “sexual assault” charge made in Mississippi in 1955.

I hope she is arrested and charged and haunted by this forever.

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Miami Uber Driver Raped A Female Passenger, Told Cops It Was A 'Perk' Of The Job

A Miami Uber driver raped a female passenger over Labor Day weekend last year, later calling it “good sex” and saying it’s simply a “perk” of the job.  29 more words

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