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Macro | Marsh Fritillary in Copulation

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Great Blue Herons Mating

Great Blue Herons have returned to their nesting colonies in the Northeast and their breeding season is underway. These birds are monogamous for the duration of any given breeding season. 72 more words


Time to learn about copulation

Some people really screw up their grammar. They do it by trying too hard and by misanalysing what’s going on – they’ve learned a few simple rules and don’t know the fuller facts of language, because no one told them about copulation… or resultatives or substantives. 23 more words

The Week

Someone Has to Do It

An unusual photographic opportunity of Plains Zebra (Equus burchelli) in courtship. The Zebra is the product of some 60 million years of evolution and none of that would have happened without a little copulation here and there. 273 more words


long promised

Okay, here it is. The famous black rat snake video. This is the moment where I will not judge you if you decide not to read (or watch) any further. 117 more words


Misanthropology: sinfull or realism?

In my previous blog, I spoke about the feared religion. For those who do not know what I mean by that, I will explain.

Satanism, the feared religion… 860 more words

George, 22: The Grand Finale

I’ve been bombarded with messages, phone calls and even ACTUAL LETTERS in the post the past couple of days, with all my fans DYING to know what ever happened to George, 22 in that canteen. 403 more words