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The Dholes Laugh at You

Derak, how would an assassin continue to live with his blade so blunted? Surely no-one would begrudge you this insane quest, had they been party to these night-terrors of yours – and perhaps worse, the little hesitations of the day, as your swagger staggers at the mere condemnation in the eyes of a goodwife or a commune elder; it must have been crushing to maintain your life in the serene Scarlet, knowing not how many lives your pins and blades had touched over the years. 1,207 more words


Decently Condemned (to Oblivion)

Over a drink her friend asked her, what happened with that guy you really liked, did he ever come back to you?

She lifted her vodka shot and necked it. 145 more words


Tangled in a Web of Lies and Deceit, This Eight Legged Creature Plays a Deadly Game of Eat or be Eaten...or Not

Looking outside today, I noticed what we used to call as children a “writing spider.” In actuality it was a garden spider. This beautiful arachnid boasts a bright yellow and black abdomen, an orange head and long slender black legs. 248 more words

On Writing

Copulation in Cuban Jeanneretia

The biology of Neotropical land snails is largely unknown, and data on copulation is only hard to find. Recently a study on the mating behaviour of some… 96 more words

Love and Biology

If two people marry each other to mutually benefit each other’s rise to the top of the political ladder or because their combined wealth will give their child a worry free life, what’s love got to do with it? 471 more words