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Stunning Documentary 'CopWatch' Shows The Theological Virtues In Real World

‘COPWATCH’ is a true story of  an organization whose mission is to film police activity as a non-violent form of protest and deterrent to police brutality. 689 more words


(Video) Hero Cops can also be Corrupt Cops Too.

I had a dirty cop give me a ticket for something he decided against a few minutes before. But when I asked for his ID, he decided to arrest me and write me a ticket for the reason he approached me. 247 more words

Cops Regularly Break The Law. Turn The Tables.

Absent intent as legal advice. For education, information, and entertainment only.

I’ve seen this happen over and over on copwatch and first amendment audit videos. A cop walks up and threatens the videographer with jail for some bullshit reason. 634 more words

Is Former Stanislaus County Sheriff's Detective Kari Abbey Getting Away With Murder?

LUMPENPROLETARIAT—Ostensibly, our community police agencies are endowed with extraordinary lethal force and firepower because they are charged with protecting and serving our local communities.  Unfortunately, the outrageous numbers of extrajudicial killings by police of innocent unarmed civilians doesn’t allow them that reputation. 383 more words

Free Speech

Thoughts on Police Transparency and The Ferguson Effect

What is Transparency and how does it relate to CopWatching

The suppressive nature of police work (not the mention a history of police officers abusing their power), mean that citizens have long expressed a desire to place checks and balances on police officers. 943 more words