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How to Put Together a Community Cop-watch Program

After again seeing the importance of video evidence in the recent police killing of Walter Scott I was reminded that close to 18 years ago I participated in developing a community cop-watch program in Brooklyn with a grassroots organization I was a part of. 2,350 more words

Race And Power


The Garden is definitely going according to plan. Which is really not one at all. Although the sowing of seed has been sporadic, there is a sense of busyness that keeps everything steadily going. 278 more words


Is Race President Obama's Boogeyman?

As a Black,Liberal,Pinko,Commie,Bastard, I would not unjustly criticize President Obama and the White House on anything. Fox and Rush are already making vulturous living off that. 421 more words

Civil Rights

There is No Debate: Eric Frein is a Hero

At the time of this writing, the futile manhunt for cop killer (this is a statement of fact, not an insult) Eric Frein nears its two-month point. 1,367 more words


Hip-Hop Represents in Ferguson, Missouri

It’s been two and a half months (August 9th) since unarmed 18 year old Mike Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson near St. 1,274 more words


Statement against Police Harassment

Police in Bristol appear to be stepping up their so far fruitless efforts to find individual anarchists and those that they think are responsible for property destruction actions over the last few years in Bristol. 880 more words

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