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Your Content Marketing Infographic

Content Marketing (CM) can help your business in many ways, in fact, CM is change the ways business are perceived in the customers eyes. We all know that it is difficult to create something customers will be crazy for it. 22 more words


Our 'Owned' Bollywood - Part 2

One more practically abject implication of objectification in films is the recurrent occurrence of rapes. Despite no direct implications of films on women or men, there is a huge impact of it mentally. 407 more words


How active should your writing be?

“Write actionable copy”,

“Be active in your words” and

“Don’t use lazy words in your pieces”

These are beautiful pieces of advice for writers and I’m sure you’ve heard them before or even used them before pertaining the type of words you use when writing. 315 more words


Want your copy to get the attention it deserves?

Are you frustrated that your competitors’ copy is getting attention? Here are some simple, but powerful tips to ensure your copy gets the attention it deserves. 209 more words

After Garofalo: An Allegory of Love

The strange caped man in red swooping in, the lizard, the goat and the weirdly headed cupid all make this a great painting to draw from. 57 more words

Charlie Kirkham


Accessorize too has been infected by the Chanel virus, after Bershka’s version of the milk box, here we’ve got a Apple Juice box!

29 pounds for this kind of bag is not a real bargain, but if you are looking for a fancy accessory  and willing to spend some more, well, here you have a nice option :) 13 more words


Why Revisions Are Important.

It’s tempting to just fire off your copy to the brand manager, pat yourself on the back and knock off for the rest of the day. 313 more words