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How to deal with web 'speed readers'

Research has shown that when users visit a website they scan it for useful information as quickly as possible.

So when writing for the web there are a number of tips you need to follow to address the ‘speed reading’ approach of visitors. 426 more words

Comma rules

Commas have lots of uses and are essential in helping writing to flow and make sense. However, knowing when to use them, and when not to, can be confusing. 87 more words

Mount & Unmount Drives from the Command Line in Mac OS X and Copy Content

I have been struggling for a while to mount my WD Harddrive on Mac before I found this command line method to do this. Thanks to the author. 13 more words

Day 43

Day 43. 197 lines. Cumulative total: 4895.

Mammoth copying today and no sense of arduousness; maybe it really was the bottom of Inferno doing the damage. 98 more words


Copy Tabel Data Menggunakan MySql Command

Banyak sekali dalam membuat tabel dalam database kita harus melakukannya satu persatu setial tabel yang akan kita buat dan ini terkadang membutuhkan waktu yang cukup lama jika kita akan membuat database dengan tabel yang banyak. 81 more words


Import GPOs from one Domain to another using PowerShell

One of the challenges when working with different domains (or development and production domains) is that you can’t copy Group Policies from one domain to another. 152 more words


Lightbulb Moment #5: Ditch Your Passport And Carry A Copy

When it comes to my passport, I guard it like I do my credit cards and social security number.  When abroad or getting ready to travel internationally the only time I have my passport on my person is when I need to show it to airport personnel, or for border crossings.  161 more words