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How to Build Trust and Enhance Your Influence with Content Marketing - Copyblogger

Know, like, trust. At its essence, those three things are why we do content marketing. And if you’re not hitting all three, you’re likely not enjoying success with your content. 50 more words


How to Quit Being So Damned Boring - Copyblogger

It always begins with so much promise. “I’ve been working really hard on my site. I put a lot of time and effort into it, but it’s just not getting any traction. 58 more words


Transform Your Content from Predictable to Provocative with This Bold Method - Copyblogger

Stop for a moment to think about a super-athlete. A person who won 122 consecutive races and broke the world record four times. That super-athlete is Edwin C. 56 more words


5 Cognitive Biases You Need to Put to Work ... Without Being Evil - Copyblogger

All writing is persuasion in one form or another. This is more obvious in some types of writing than others, but it is nonetheless true for all. 57 more words


How to Create Content that Deeply Engages Your Audience - Copyblogger

Art Silverman had a vendetta against popcorn. Silverman wanted to educate the public about the fact that a typical bag of movie popcorn has 37 grams of saturated fat, while the USDA recommends you have no more than 20 grams in an entire day. 38 more words


Introducing StudioPress Sites: WordPress Made Easy ... Without Sacrificing Power or Flexibility - Copyblogger

From 2010 through 2015, we at Rainmaker Digital built at a furious pace. Most of that effort was directed at development of the Rainmaker Platform. During that entire time, StudioPress.com worked tirelessly in the background to bankroll our bootstrapped effort to create a full marketing automation platform without outside investors. 34 more words


1.31.17 - Let's Go | A "Let's (Blank)" Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 381 – A “Let’s (blank)” poem

(inspired by 3 Ways to Become More Generous and Grow Your Audience)

Love songs offer the sun and moon… 103 more words