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In the summer of 1990, a teenage filmmaker successfully raises $100,000 to shoot a pioneering horror film. 25 years later, he tells the story of a cult classic that never was. 20 more words

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How sensational is that? Julian was quietly looking for a cute picture of a cat online when he made an adrenaline-charged discovery! He came across a photograph he had taken of his dog! 286 more words


The Copy-Cat Experiment.

As a Postgraduate Psychology student, I often find myself noticing patterns in human behaviour.

For example, I’ve been making observations when i’m on the bus and here’s some of the things I’ve noticed, 209 more words

Book Review: Copycat - Alex Lake

Blurb: Your stalker is everywhere.
Your stalker knows everything.
But the real problem is that your stalker is you.

Sarah Havenant discovers–when an old friend points it out–that there are two Facebook profiles in her name. 339 more words

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Disney Magical Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just too short of a window to show the women in our lives, be it our wives or mothers, how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate all they do.  1,148 more words

Imagine Ears

sc 470 TTHHBBBBTTHBBBBTH!!!!!!!! fer cris’sake…

Naw… no no I’m okay with it really… it’s just that it’s kind of… kind of… funny

Write to Toppie at Smellcast@aol.com. Leave a comment on Toppie’s blog  129 more words

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