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EPISODE 34: H8TERS and BITERS 04/29 by Chadman and Randy Show | Entertainment Podcasts

The show has haters and style biters locally in Bakersfield. That much is obvious. And in one case, there is a copy cat who also has nothing but criticism of CHADMAN’s recent social media posts. 126 more words

DIY Astrological Sign Trinket Dish

Have you ever been shopping and pick something up and look at the price tag and then gently set it back down and walk away because no way Jose? 490 more words


Of Plagiarism and inspiration by Desi Brands

It’s been quite a few years now since I’ve been following Pakistani fashion in particular. Thanks to my work as being the editor (now ex-Editor) of fashion portal rewaj.pk, I use to keep an eye on local trends and fashion scene. 452 more words


That piece you NEED

Saturday was set and plans were in the diary, Netty = Hakarimata Summit (If you love stairs I dare you). A hike up the mountain and a trip for lunch sounded pretty sweet for Saturday but little did I know our lunch stop had Decjuba….“detour” SALE!. 79 more words


Copycat Chipotle Steak Burrito Bowl

I first discovered Chipotle during my freshman year of college in OH. Being a picky eater, I found little to satisfy me in our dining halls and once I had the Steak Burrito Bowl, it was love at first bite. 952 more words


DIY Chipotle-style Cilantro-Lime Rice

It was certainly a joy for me when my children started to outgrow the phase when they needed to have all of their foods eaten separately – each meal deconstructed so that no sauces could touch the pastas or sandwiches combined. 382 more words


Southwest by Won Ton...

Ok, I admit it…I got a teensy bit of inspiration from California Pizza Kitchen. But I get points for turning it into a salad, right? 178 more words