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Alberta Atheism Theism Deity Myths Part One

Much has been written to prove that Jesus never existed, that he was nothing more than a “myth” from the past. Furthermore, many argue that he was just a “copy cat” version of other gods and any facts about him can be found in other ancient and present day religions. 617 more words

Al Roker's Copycat Mcrip Sandwich

Dinner tonight, August 26, 2015
Just so delicious, so addicting , and so easy to make, this is definitely one of those you will make again
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77 - Cactus Cut Potatoes with Frank's RedHot Sour Cream

It’s nearly impossible to cook a meal just for one, isn’t it? My wife was away for the majority of Friday and all of Saturday (girls weekend in Vancouver, “whoot whoot!”) and I was left to fend for myself. 587 more words

Cookie Cutter Conformity

Cookie cutter youth.

Variations of the same hue.

Cool charcoal grey,

Darkest to lightest.

If you could choose,

Why not a royal blue?

A pastel tulip violet perhaps? 172 more words


McDonald’s Apologizes After Couple Says Ad Campaign Ripped Off Their Viral Engagement Photos

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But what if that flattery comes in the form of the largest fast food restaurant copying your creative take on engagement photos for a national ad campaign? 435 more words

Olive Garden Copycat House Dressing -- With a twist!


The steak gorgonzola alfredo speaks to my soul. (I believe I was an Italian in another life). But that salad thoughhhh

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Happy #NationalLemonadeDay!

Lemonade is one of those drinks that screams summertime and is always refreshing. It’s the kind of drink that I always forget how much I like it, and when I have it after awhile ask myself why I don’t have it more often! 369 more words

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