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6 Factors to Being a Copyeditor

Last week before Bible study, one of the leaders asked everyone to share an interesting fact that “won’t knock anyone’s socks off”. I could make a joke about mediocrity in contemporary church culture, but I shall refrain. 1,026 more words


Where To From Here?

When I have a wide time gap between blog posts, I usually don’t have a good reason for it. Up until recently, it’s been procrastination. Well, it’s still a little bit of procrastination. 647 more words


Breathe! The Copyeditor Has Your Back

One of the things a good copyeditor will do, beyond dealing with infelicities of grammar, syntax, style, composition, and general meaning, is cover your back. And I mean  870 more words


Forum Panelist

Bylines and Redlining: An Editors’ Forum
(Author)ities: 9th Philippine International Literary Festival 2018
Cultural Center of the Philippines
19 – 20 April 2018

Moderated by… 216 more words


What Is the Difference Between a Copyeditor and a Book Formatter?

Are you just starting out in the publishing industry?

Maybe you’ve been in the writing game for a while but aren’t sure the nuts and bolts of production. 813 more words

Writing Tips

In Your Corner: What is so important about editing?

Whether you are a self-publishing fiction author, online social network professional, or compulsive blogger, errors in your writing can be a source of discredit, if even implicitly. 839 more words

How do you know if your book is good enough?

The first obvious step in becoming a successfully published author (self-published or traditional) is to write a good book. It seems pretty obvious really, but what makes a good book? 1,021 more words