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Adorable video of child dancing

Today I want you to see this video clip of an adorable scene. A young woman is performing her Irish dancing on the cobblestone, and a small child obviously loves it. 51 more words


Using Our Influences

From the 50’s onwards, the Copyright industry morphed into large corporate entities. These corporations got laws passed which gave them a powerful monopoly instead of the artist. 584 more words


Storyboard Reflection

My group’s creative process ended up being a little difficult. We had a lot of trouble collaborating with each other from remote locations, since we were not able to get together and create the storyboard in one place at one time. 221 more words


Writing the Bible

Lately, it’s been difficult to be moved by God’s word. I know I should be, but I just wasn’t. But then I realized it was because I wasn’t taking my time. 129 more words

How Do I Know If I've Understood a Text

Summarising a Text!

A few of my lecturers and mentors have in the past gave me a golden piece of advice about studying and trying to comprehend a subject/topic or text. 70 more words


To copy or not to copy?

Its 2016 and still to this day artists and inventors are often in the news for copyright infringement cases. You’d think stealing people’s work and ideas would be non-existent with the amount of creativity a humans mind can produce. 495 more words

Racism vs Education, alive and well.

GASP! Nobody Told Me! Why did nobody mention it?! I cannot believe I didn’t know!

Someone just told me my daughter is not white!

Oh. My. 733 more words