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Dear The Girl Copying My Blog…

I know how this feels and It is a really annoying thing and unexplainable. Loved this post, felt it needed to be shared!!

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Students should work honestly



Students should be completing their work with diligence, as cheating and copying assignments will not result in effective learning. 312 more words

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It's the Bullshit Daily Double~!!!

What is up, my little shitheads? This is somebitchypikofan, and you’ve read it, today is the bullshit daily double~!!! Now before we announce our contestants, I’ll have to give out the history of our episode! 826 more words

The Vyapam Scam: Merchants of deception

The ring master worked in a meticulous consonance with senior Vyapam board officials and had a hideous nexus with senior politicians and bureaucrats to execute the scam to its very end. 1,092 more words


Notes on Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon (austinkleon.com) is a short book–you can read it in under an hour–but it contains many gems of advice about living a creative life. 417 more words


Thursday, September 10, 2015

1) Continue yesterday’s classwork:

• Select 25 unfamiliar words from the dictionary and copy every single symbol, letter, accent, punctuation mark, syllables broken down, the complete definition, etc. 154 more words

Working from Photo References: Artwork vs. Art

Given the amount of detail in my colored pencil pieces and the amount of time it takes to produce them, it’s surprising how often I’m asked “Do you work from photos or from life?”  I smile and say “If I worked from life, that flower/butterfly/leaf would’ve been dead for weeks by the time I finished” or “If I worked from life, I’d have to pitch a tent and camp for weeks at that scene to finish it.” 852 more words