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YouTube copying Snapchat Stories actually makes sense, for once

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Just when you thought everyone was done copying Snapchat, another big tech company enters the clone club: YouTube. But for once I actually think it makes complete sense. 315 more words


Google makes taking screenshots on Chrome OS easier by copying Android

(Source: 9to5google.com)

Google has done a lot to make Chrome OS better suited for the arrival of Android apps, from the design of the app drawer… 197 more words


Progressing from Copying to Creating

I think something that’s often not really talked about as an artist (illustrator/painter, etc) is creating your own completely original artwork. When you start out, you copy from cartoons, pictures, life, etc but creating something original is really hard work and I guess this loosely applies to all creative fields, too. 148 more words


Copying the Master(s) and Stealing (Their) Secrets

This book remains a favorite of mine, in part because of the history behind art apprenticeships, but also because it serves to remind that in all arts, a period of apprenticeship – with or without a teacher – is needed to gain mastery.  451 more words


Jonathan McLatchie Plagiarises Many Times in Debate with Yusuf Ismail

Recently, a video was published demonstrating that Jonathan McLatchie plagiarised from Sam Shamoun’s online article in his debate with Br. Yusuf Ismail. When I first noticed this, I produced a written document citing the times he had done so in the IPCI recording of the debate online. 262 more words


Jonathan McLatchie Caught Plagiarizing During Debate with Yusuf Ismail

Several days ago I published a quick review demonstrating that most of McLatchie’s time was spent reading from the Bible (20 of 30 minutes) during his debate with Br. 107 more words


Week 5

Copying beliefs, definitions or direct text from another author is plagiarism and is a situation that many people do not believe until they are in it. 390 more words

Copyright, Copywrong, And Copyleft