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Kopiowanie listy

Tworzenie nowej listy zależy od tego, co mamy wewnątrz

  1. Niezmienialne elementy -> używamy nowa_lista = lista[:] albo list(lista), etc.
  2. Zmienialne elementy (inne listy) -> trzeba użyć głębokiego kopiowania

Are We All Copying Eachother?

Here’s a Hanna off the cuff post, all about how I personally find myself lacking artistic creativity a lot of the time. This isn’t a new thing – it’s been with me since I was a kid. 1,454 more words


On Plagiarism (and Unoriginality)

A forewarning: I will probably be using the adjective ‘unoriginal’ a lot throughout this post, so if that turns you off, you’d better skip this one. 388 more words


A frivolous rant about frivolous things...

The idea of ownership is just a little bit ridiculous.

I came across a very lengthy post on IG today where a highly offended “maker” was spouting about how wrong and insensitive it was for people to “copy” or even to make something similar to other makers’ work and sometimes profit from it. 560 more words


2016, August 22 - 1802 - depression 19

if i do the same (5)
will it make me more normal (7)
or lost and confused? (5)


"Copying is stupid!" (Or is it?)

by Zarja Muršič & Guy Lavender Forsyth

Imitation is one type of social learning, and it is one that humans are expert at. We are really very good at copying things around us, to the extent that some experiments have shown our willingness to copy even irrelevant, superfluous actions. 789 more words


Love and theft

Billy Vaughn was an American multi-instrumentalist and band leader, who had success in the 1950s and 1960s. These were days when a hot dance band could earn a living playing instrumental versions of popular tunes. 285 more words