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Sounds Familiar? Led Zeppelin Seen as Rip-off Artist.

Kirby Ferguson analyses the concept of copying and sampling media in his video series “Everything is a Remix”. He speaks about how originality is a hard idea to understand because so many things on the media we see, and hear are just copies or alterations of other things. 528 more words

Copying & Transforming through Influence - the Process of Creativity

Up until now I was oblivious of the true definition of creativity. I always thought of the word “creativity” as something unique created by an individual with his/her own thoughts and ideas. 607 more words



This is an actual, real-life photo taken of myself and a colleague a couple of months ago. 499 more words


Upon Stumbling Across A Website That Copied My Writing Word-For-Word

I just need to take a minute to vent.

I went to post a picture today, a picture of my ‘desk,’ if you’d call it that (mostly just my kitchen table where I happened to put my planner, poetry book, and these cute little flowers the little girl I nanny picked for me this morning) in such a way that it became a perfect, effortless shot. 458 more words


In the End

Composed 10/11/16
Description: Sometimes a phrase that pops into your head (combined with a little Daily Prompt inspiration) can take you on a wild, sudden poetic journey. 125 more words


Talk The Talk

Kids are constantly growing and developing and right now Olivia is smack bang at the age where she repeats everything you say and copies everything you do. 491 more words



Three things surprised me today.

First one: apparently we can grow a human organ in a lab jar. Well, I’ve heard about it before, but I’ve never realised that we can teach stem cells to act like certain organ. 217 more words