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Through the corner of our eyes

Hushed whispers,

little sound

Don’t let them hear

the words we write down

Though it seems wrong,

though it is wrong

Whatever maybe the judgement… 139 more words


The Copy: Canons, Photocopiers, Riley, and Ovid

“The beauty of canon(s)…lay in its simplicity of means. All it took was just a single line of music… The first voice…began, then, at a given point, the second entered with the same melody, and so on – enough to reveal independence of voice lines and, through their combination, the ability to create polyphony. 579 more words

Apple vs. Samsung Lawsuit Over iPhone Design Officially Reopened

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

The court will seek to determine the exact amount Samsung owes Apple for infringing upon the iPhone’s patented design, including its rectangular front face with rounded edges and grid of colorful icons on a black screen. 467 more words


Copyright and "Nerds"

Copying is something that is a HUGE issue in the world of Nerds and Geeks. Making sure games aren’t the same, making sure that people aren’t selling unauthorised copies, or just making straight out copies of another artist’s work. 207 more words


Prepping a New Term's Courses in Canvas FAQ

  • When will I get access to my Upcoming Term CANVAS COURSES ???

    All course sections’ Canvas sites are created 2-3 months before the term.
    As sections are added on MyNC/ENCORE, they will be auto generated in Canvas.

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Definitive, Usable, and Suitable: Medieval Dictation and Musical Copies

The practice of dictating texts in the Middle Ages is a multilayered art. In the first place it served as a way to combat a practical deficit. 357 more words

Things 7 and 8

This post will cover Things 7 (reference management tools) and 8 (Creative Commons and copyright) of the ’23 Things’ course.

When I was writing my MA dissertation, I became aware that many of my peers were using reference management software and while I felt it was too late for me to get to grips with a new system of doing things, I vowed that it would be a big part of my PhD research. 356 more words

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