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Greetings! You Violated My Copyright!

Yesterday I was made aware of yet another copyright violation of one of my photographs. The photograph was used by a company who lifted it from somewhere online for the purposes of illustration of an article which is of course to promote their business and make money. 74 more words

Want to Copyright Recipes? Maybe They Should Rhyme

A Cleveland food fight between former partners is a lesson on the limits of copyright protection. Restaurants open and close faster than ever. Big investments become total losses, and teams turn into opposing parties in court. 541 more words


Who Did the Copyright Office Neglect in its Music Marketplace Report?

Most musicians and composers owed royalties. Why do I say that? Because the Copyright Office failed to factor in to its “Guiding Principles” the core copyright issue for all musicians and composers below the upper levels of music earnings─ they can’t afford to enforce their rights. 905 more words

Copyright Enforcement

Flo & Eddie Must Choose Which Victory They Want in New York

Judge Colleen McMahon yesterday handed Flo & Eddie a take-your-pick win in their New York federal court lawsuit for pre-1972 performance royalties against SiriusXM. They asked for summary judgment that Sirius is liable to them for common law copyright infringement. 528 more words


Marvin Gaye’s Heirs v. Pharrell Wiliams and Robin Thicke---No Music Played to the Jury?

Unless they make a deal or the court puts it off, a jury trial will begin Feb. 10 to decide if the copyrights in Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up” and “After the Dance” were infringed by Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and “After the Dance.” It will be a rare event if it happens. 552 more words


Giving Plans to Building Inspector Can Be Copyright Infringement?

Maybe. The Seventh Circuit decided last fall to send a case back to the trial court for an answer. Chicago Building Design v. Mongolian House is mostly about when the statute of limitations begins for copyright infringement, but it has lessons on more than that for the constant battles between owners, architects, and construction contractors. 453 more words

Copyright Enforcement

12-year-old girls dragged out of cinema and questioned by the police

“You know copyright enforcement has gone too far when…” There are about a dozen ways we could complete this sentence by referring to bizarre copyright cases in recent years. 392 more words