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Soundcloud wrongly removes original content from dozens of bass music artists

Over the last 72 hours, bass music artists were being targeted by an unknown attacker. Upwards of 300 bass music tracks were removed from SoundCloud… 450 more words


'I do not own the rights to this music' Better safe than sorry

I’ve noticed recently there seems to be an increase in copyright issues online.

For instance, I often see people on Facebook live videos with music playing in the background. 218 more words

The Satanic Temple suing Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina into copyright hell

Everyone’s loving Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Well, everyone except The Satanic Temple.

The Salem-based institution is suing the streaming giant and Warner Bros. 296 more words


Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I’ve been following the antics of Team Kimberlin for over six years now, and one of the principal sources of amusement in the process has been watch Bill Schmalfeldt’s various hare-brained schemes fail. 188 more words

Team Kimberlin

Dude, subconscious plagiarism is a thing!

I bet you didn’t know that! I must say I read this article a few months ago, and I was going to pass on writing about it but I can’t stop thinking about it now. 634 more words


Pharrell sends Trump cease and desist after playing "Happy" at post-shooting rally

Donald Trump is often accused of being tone deaf, but this one might take the cake. Hours after a real-life Nazi opened fire inside a Pittsburgh synagogue and took the lives of 11 innocent people, Trump held a a hyper-partisan campaign rally in Illinois. 158 more words


News and Editorial #3: Cool Cat Saves the Kids Controversy

Every so often I find a piece of news that interests me and I write about it. Here is a particularly, not as known one that’s been spreading around the internet. 502 more words