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Flowering Almond Charm

A beautiful view in Ivey Park in downtown London.

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Academic Publishers and Copyright

The idea of copyright is to protect the rights of the content creator, and allow them to benefit from their creation. This encourages content creators to produce – as there is guarantee they will be fairly compensated.   267 more words


Once Upon A Time...

Stories were just stories.. passed down from generation to generation. No one owned them, they did not belong to anyone. They were just stories. Now, everything is owned by someone. 110 more words

The 'Blurred Lines' of Copyright Laws

In 2015, musicians, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were challenged by the family of Motown legend, Marvin Gaye, in relation to a copyright infringement in their 2013 hit, “Blurred Lines”. 161 more words


I wrote this as a message to one of my readers after I saw her posts on a social media site, but I thought I’d just pop it here, too. 387 more words

Fansubs for TV shows and movies are illegal, court rules

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Fansubbing—the unofficial creation of fan-made subtitles for TV shows and movies—is illegal, a Dutch court ruled this week.

The Free Subtitles Foundation… 414 more words


"Skating" on the Edge of the Law

You’ve heard us speak to copyright issues in regards to the product designs of different fashion labels. However, what happens when a well-known blogger copies… 525 more words

What's Happening In The Law?