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Language Creation Society: Paramount Does Not Own Klingon Language

As we reported earlier this month, Paramount Pictures is trying to block a crowdfunded Star Trek fan film based, in part, on the studio’s claim that it actually owns the copyright on the Klingon language… 486 more words

YouTube Will Let Copyright-Disputed Videos Keep Earning Ad Revenue While Claims Are Pending

YouTube, in a move to appease creators aggravated by bogus copyright claims, is adopting a new policy for its Content ID system that will let videos continue to generate ad revenue while ownership disputes are evaluated. 358 more words


Blockchain Plus X

By Lance Koonce

In a recent post on Medium, Jesse Walden of Mediachain explains that a “blockchain for music” must answer two questions. First, “whose song is this?” Second, “where is my money?” 842 more words


Saving our students money is a great thing

When developing HUM 205 – a new humanities course on Latino culture, professor Jose Francisco Mazenett wanted to find an alternative to an expensive textbook. 109 more words


We have decided to disable the reblog feature, which we’ve always felt a bit uneasy over. And even more so now, after a Staff member in this  21 more words


Why Google is in trouble with Getty Images

The US-based photo agency Getty Images has filed a competition lawsuit with the European Commission against Google.

Getty Images accusation focuses on changes made in 2013 to Google Images. 188 more words

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