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TicTocPop 2.0 and Some Thoughts on Fair Use

Since my last blog post about the issues I’ve had with the TicTocPop Popping channel there has been some communication with us about the issues raised both in this blog and in the community. 875 more words


How a Court Decision on Remastering Could Disrupt Copyright Law

The case in question is ABS Entertainment Inc. v. CBS Corp. et al., case number 2:15-cv- 06257, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.   106 more words


All Things Must Change

I am sorry to report that I have received the following notification concerning copyright infringement concerning Osho’s words.

Some content on this page was disabled on August 29, 2016 as a result of a DMCA takedown notice from Klaus Steeg. 164 more words


Would you Download a Forbidden Apple?

Would you Download a Forbidden Apple?

Growing up Christian I have always been interested in Christian parables and the life lessons I find in them. Not necessarily for an accurate retelling of history or spiritual guidance, I take from these stories the interesting moral dilemmas that despite thousands of years still seem to remain relevant. 2,022 more words

August Lace

A late summer field view.

© Sheila Creighton 2016


Old Friends, New Talents

(As told by Shane Hodgins.)

                It was a slow day and I couldn’t concentrate on my homework. My mind kept drifting and began to day-dream of the impossible. 471 more words

Shannon Hollinger

Sedlik's Multiplier - Actual Damages for Copyright Infringement

Sedlik’s Multiplier – an acceptable use of multiplier as part of calculating fair market value to account for factors such as exclusivity or rarity when determining actual damages under the Copyright Act.

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