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A Beginner's Guide to SEO Copywriting

When it comes to optimizing your website according to SEO, It plays very important role.

SEO Copyrighting is optimizing content of our website. The Important parts are Keyword research, Content writing, Meta tags writing. 297 more words


Sports Ad Concept: #1

Ad time: 2-5 minutes.

Concept Implementation: It can be implemented in any sport, my love for football has clouded me into making it for football. 271 more words


Don't fake it...You Won't Make it- Giving credit to artists and preventing art theft

Say you are scrolling your timeline on Instagram and you spot a painting that somebody you follow painted. You really like the image. So much that you decide that you want to… 741 more words



When creating our storyboard, my groups creative process was very difficult. We were all in different locations, which made collaboration much more difficult. It was much harder because we weren’t able to discuss what exactly we wanted to include in person and how we wanted to go about creating this storyboard. 150 more words


Three Ways To Protect Your Content

Blogging takes guts.

Posting your own ideas and thoughts, crafts and projects, opens you up to criticism from anywhere on the globe. While you think you may not need any content protection, I am here to say  681 more words


How To Set Yourself up for Maximum Performance Royalties

Click On the Link for the presentation on how to protect your music and secure all your income from your music.

How To Set Yourself Up for Maximum Performance Royalties