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How Do I Handle Every Day Copyright Issues?

Ooops…I made a Mistake! What do I do now? 

Copyright issues permeate every aspect of our lives in the electronic age. Clients regularly contact me regarding images they obtained from a third party website and used on their own website or in a presentation. 532 more words

Crystal Broughan

4 Line Stories: This Post Has Been Canceled 

I asked Mickey if he would do a post with me

His asking price was astronomical

So I found a stand in, totally uncooperative

I canceled the post, I apologize… 9 more words


Intellectual Property Frequently Asked Questions: Volume 2 - Copyrights

Our FAQ Series Continues…

Intellectual Property Law can be a very confusing topic of conversation with clients, businesses, and friends. Today we are covering our second topic in our recurring Frequently Asked Questions series.  363 more words

Crystal Broughan

Corporate Logos and Copyright: Another Bite at the IP Apple

Can a corporation protect its logo by copyright as well as by trademark law?

Traditionally, when one thinks of works protected by the law of copyright, one thinks of substantial works of authorship such as a novel, a song or a painting. 434 more words

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Taking a hard look at Scientology’s slush fund, the unlicensed and unregulated IAS

In our last article, we showed that the word “Scientologist” is a collective membership mark used by members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology: 1,152 more words

The Scientology Money Project

The strange case of "Kill me, Heal me"and "Hyde, Jekyll, Me" (2015)

I’ve watched “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” a while back and although it was watchable, it wasn’t amazing, despite the cool plot and Hyun Bin in the lead. 594 more words


Digital Media Learning outcome 6 - Security & Copyright

Computers virus its copies itself and spreads from computer to another.  the most popular Anti – virus  are: North , Mcafee Avg

Personal data : address phone number email date of birth PPS number bank credits your passport number, place you give your personal data are social welfare BBTc credit union  websites like facebook. 101 more words

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