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It's December 1: time to update your DMCA agent designation

If you operate a website that accepts user-generated content, it’s time to contact the Copyright Office.

Many online service providers (OSPs) accept user-generated content. Examples include e-commerce websites that accept product reviews, news sites that publish user comments on posted articles, social media sites that permit users to share photos or videos, and even blogs who post comments from other users. 262 more words



Hello everyone, this week we were talking about what you can do and what you cannot do under copyright laws. Honestly, copyright laws scare me because I really do not know enough about them, and I (like many others) may be violating it without really knowing that I am. 248 more words

The Turtles’ $100M trial against Sirius XM starts tomorrow

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Members of the 1960s rock band The Turtles will get their day in court against Sirius XM on Tuesday. They seek to wrest up to $100 million from the satellite-radio giant for infringing their copyrights. 371 more words


IP Education

It is critical and essential that knowledge and awareness of intellectual / industrial property remain at the fore in all corporate and / or commercial transactions. 448 more words



I surprised myself last class by actually knowing some of the facts about fair use. I did not know about it from the readings that were assigned, but from a YouTube celebrity that I watch, the Nostalgia Critic. 323 more words

Copyright and Digital Historians

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This past week we discussed copyright and how it applies to digital historians. Copyright is a tricky business and the internet has opened a wide possibility of copyright issues going wrong. 482 more words

Queen vs Trump, and how Copyright affects our "Create Culture"

The video shown above [1] is a snippet of when Donald Trump made his entrance on the first night of the Republican National Convention, he did it to Queen’s 1977 hit, “We Are the Champions”. 1,260 more words