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Gatsby/1920s Invitation Removed

Well hey! Just a quick update for any regulars to my site. I removed the Gatsby/1920s invitation template at the request of the original creator, … 320 more words



Copyrights protect the particular expression of an idea.  Ideas can be expressed in many different ways and therefore a case for infringement for something other than an exact copy can end up being disputed for minor variations or subjective standards.   418 more words


Who owns IP rights in Space?

The advent of the International Space Station (ISS) and the privatization of commercial space flights have brought into question laws that govern IP rights in Space in the future.   158 more words

Design Patents

Seems familiar....

I was just showing my mother my Liberty print fabric that I bought at the Liberty Department store in London. It’s a lovely Paisley design tanna lawn that I,planned to make a blouse from. 98 more words

The importance of copyrights

I have recently learned through amazon.co.uk that somebody had pirated my book. They attempted to change the books cover but kept my name as the author, obviously they had pirated the manuscript from else where and thought they could rehash it and make it their own, but still kept my  name on it. 182 more words

So you think you don’t need a lawyer? (You might want to reconsider)

You may say to yourself: but lawyers are soooo expensive, I can’t really afford that luxury – I’m trying to get a business going/growing. And I can get the stuff I need from Google, a contract is not a big deal. 337 more words