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Big Content cheers, as Congress prepares to vote on changes to US Copyright Office

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The US House of Representatives will vote today on a bill that will make the US Register of Copyrights a presidential appointment, confirmed by the US Senate. 933 more words


Star Athletica v. Varsity Brands – Supreme Court Ruling’s Impact

By Michael Small

In a recent Supreme Court case regarding the compatibility between clothes and copyright, Star Athletica v. Varsity Brands, the justices ruled in favor of Varsity Brands in a 6-2 decision, holding that the Defendant’s cheerleading uniform designs are protectable under copyright because they were deemed conceptually separable… 1,754 more words


Fair Use Doctrine

By Michael Small

The Copyright Office defines Copyright as the exclusive right for a person (mainly the author) to reproduce, publish, sell, or claim ownership of his or her original works of creation under Section 106 of the Copyright Act of 1976. 2,226 more words

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is an area of law that deals with protecting the rights of those who create original works. It covers everything from original plays and novels to inventions and company identification marks. 2,290 more words


copyright registration process in india| Venture Care

Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration applies to literary (books, scripts, even software) and audio-visual (music, photographs, and movies) works. Business entities often copyright instruction manuals, product literature and user guides. 95 more words

Copyright Registration Process In India

Week 3. Old Issues aka Ownership and Content Diversity

0. Recap: Ranking Digital Rights!

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While many Ranking Digital Rights stories are still coming in, here’s one that is accredited to Aino but that actually is a compilation of several stories of yours. 2,322 more words