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Honored to be Quoted

Last month, I had the privilege of being quoted in Bloomberg BNA‘s article on ongoing North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks on copyright and digital trade. 45 more words



(C) Ted Kouretas 2017

I wake up confused

In a downtown hotel room


Only remnants of your smell on the sheets


I felt your sweat as we had embraced… 108 more words

I Live Through My Computer Screen

(C) Ted Kouretas 2017

I get my news online

I know they’re fake and that’s fine

I live through my computer screen
I go on Netflix binges… 114 more words

Of Doves and Kings

(C) Ted Kouretas 2017

The lycans live long

The meek die young

At about 33, give or take

Some are neityer lycan nor meek

They wait for fate to kill them… 124 more words

Artist apologizes for using comedy festival pictures in Calgary public art piece

Calgary-area artist Derek Besant has apologized for using the work of other photographers in a $20,000 public art installation, but has not yet addressed questions of compensation or copyright infringement. 757 more words

Local News

Operate a website? Don't miss the 12/31 deadline to update your DMCA notice

If you operate a website that accepts user-generated content, now is the time to contact the Copyright Office.

Many online service providers (OSPs) accept user-generated content. 298 more words


Imaginative Exercise in Spending $450 Million for the Public Interest

An interesting approach to how $450 million could be spent. I’d do it differently myself — I’d probably look to create public interest organizations that would lobby Congress intensely on issues with majority public support, and/or create a credit union that would provide low interest loans to democratic worker enterprises, to help show the viability of an economic system better than corporate capitalism. 663 more words

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