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Propriety Copyrights of Fonts and Typography

Copyright is the legal right to the originator who created the work. This gives the creator the right to do whatever they want with it, display work, distribute, reproduce etc. 204 more words

IPR abolition, papers in May 2011

Reposting my papers written in May 2011.

(1) On anti-drug patents.

A number of libertarians call IPR as “intellectual monopoly rights.” They argue that IPR is “evil because granting artificial rights to non-property restricts everyone else’s property rights.” 2,929 more words


Under Armour’s pending lawsuit for exclusive rights to the name “armour”–if it succeeds; “knights in shining armour,” would then be known as “knights in shining knickers”–ala “Monty Python.”


Kendall Minter, Celebrity Entertainment Lawyer, Music Industry expert and author gives us an overview of the major changes in the industry


We are very proud and delighted to bring to you a 10 minute interview of the amazing Kendall Minter: an entertainment lawyer, expert in the music industry and copyrights and author. 375 more words

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Q u i L L #48 Why Should What I Love Kill Me?

Why does all the great endeavours that invoke passion result in ones demise?
Instead of love to death; why not loved to perfection?
Since when does finding what you love culminate in being killed by it? 96 more words


It's Illegal to Sing Happy Birthday?

Some years ago, Aaron Sorkin (bar none the greatest television writer of all time) spent a few minutes of an episode of Sports Night making light of the fact that the song “Happy Birthday” is outside the public domain. 245 more words

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Iron Maiden: Speed Of Light [Music Video]

Video: Speed Of Light
Band: Iron Maiden
Label: Parlophone/Sanctuary Copyrights/BMG
Album: The Book Of Souls
Release Date: Sept 4, 2015
Band Page