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"A Day at the Office" Tuesday, July 26th

So today at work I made the decision to document my thoughts and feelings at the exact moment I experienced them. This was the result: 298 more words


Walk Slowly After Work

Always walk home slowly after work. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t rush like a fool. It just isn’t cool, like all the others, huffing and puffing and pulling strained faces. 340 more words

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Free short-stories

My short-stories are taken from my first period when I had just started to write and when I was studying for my BA Hon’s in Creative and Professional Writing. 682 more words

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Start a Profitable Online Business by Reading Brett McFall’s Book: “How to Make Money While you Sleep”

Aren’t you sick of working for your money?  Wouldn’t you rather be living the life that YOU want, instead of being stuck working for somebody else’s dream? 206 more words

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Writing Murakami Style

Again I woke up. Got showered and then dressed. Stretched my arms upwards. Stared out of the window at the grey sky. Left my room and went to the underground. 329 more words

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Me and That Bee

It was a day like all the other days. The sun shone. The clouds moved. And I had decided to go for a walk. It was a very hot day so I decided to sit near a café in the park, specifically near a table that had two pretty girls engaged in a conversation. 909 more words

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Fantasy Fridays #3

Fantasy Fridays #3

Fantasy Fridays is all about celebrating fantasy in its many form and guises. My love of fantasy is absolute and if I could only read this genre for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t be overly displeased about it! 181 more words