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How to stay inspired when what you really want is to take a nap


We’ve all been there. The point where we’re staring at a blank page and nothing comes to mind. Whether it’s burnout, lost mojo or someone put a hex on your skills; deadlines often don’t allow us the luxury of time to wait for inspiration to strike. 392 more words

Địa chỉ mua sách “SÁT THỦ QUẢNG CÁO” ở HÀ NỘI và Khu vực phía Bắc

Các độc giả phía Bắc hãy nhanh chân đến ngay địa chỉ sau để trở thành những chủ nhân đầu tiên của quyển sách:

Nhà sách PHƯƠNG THU… 465 more words

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Diversifying as a copywriter

It’s more than a year since I made the decision to go freelance and hand in my notice at my old job.

In that time, as you can imagine, I’ve done quite a bit. 777 more words


Copywriter and journalist, with a side serving of poetry

Hi, my name is Anna and I spend most days with a pen or a computer mouse in my hand.

As a freelance copywriter, I work with… 52 more words


Jargon: Keep it simple, stupid!

How many times have you visited a website, but haven’t been entirely sure what it is that the company actually do?

Words like innovation and synergy buzz around, but when you’re after (insert desired product or service here) it’s hard to be sure that that’s what you’ll actually be getting with all that jargon lying around. 332 more words

A Small Word on Feminism

Can you pick the sexist 60s headline out of this line up?Cleaning Tips for Busy Women‘, ‘Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy’ or… 652 more words
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Not a Writer, an Entrepreneur​

Starting a business is a major decision. Even if you didn’t think about it, at some point you wrote a book and now want to sell it. 1,143 more words