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Why is Trump A Working-Class Hero?

I never like it when people start referring to a politician or a set of people as idiots. Rarely does a person get to such heights without some sass or intelligence. 668 more words

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Potential Employer Notice

This post is for potential employers, plus for friends, and family too.

Though I moved to London three months ago, I have only been renting as a boarder, while I regrouped after Dad’s passing on. 61 more words

That First Night At Boarding School

It’s tough when writing memoirs or writing from memory. Even the name memoir conjures up vain writers relaxing on their ‘chaise lounges.’ ‘What are you doing dear? 532 more words

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Open for Business

This week, I announced that I am freelance writing. This is after 8 years of writing for both an agency and corporation. I love writing. And, I love copywriting for a living. 168 more words


The Trap

I feel creatively drained right now… Like my brain has nothing left to give… Which is sad, because…

I have creative goals. Goals that I want to achieve. 344 more words


Mind, Body and Spirit Madness

On the front cover was an inconspicuous Indian man dressed in robes. The book basically explained his spiritual life. On reading I encountered for the first time phrases such as eternal bliss and transcending consciousness. 446 more words

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Content Tips From An Expert Copywriter

Make sure your copy reaches your audience. Deliver it via platforms that appeal to them most. More content tips here.