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Cloaking reduced loyalty rewards - not a great way to win and retain customers

Dear Tesco (who has just reduced the value of its Clubcard vouchers for restaurants, etc), We customers aren’t stupid, you know. When you say that you have “listened to your customers” before making this move, I’d like to know which customers agreed that, yes, it’d be a fantastic idea to reduce the value of loyalty incentives. 50 more words



beach noun

1. a pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the sea between high- and low-water marks.

“fabulous sandy beaches”


I have no idea what this man is dressed up as, or why, but I don’t care. 117 more words

Copywriter: My Latest Job Opportunity

The company that brought me in to test my fit has decided to give me a week-long project to see how well I do.

I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for me to stoke my passion for writing and work in a field I love: online education. 86 more words

And just like that, I'm a working mum

It doesn’t seem like a moment ago that I started my maternity leave. In actual fact it’s about 10 months since I began to wind down my workload and nine months (39 weeks) since I officially stopped work properly in readiness to give birth. 230 more words


How do you know you are writing right?

So long as the meaning is conveyed correctly.

We could finish this post here, but I’ll elaborate. I’ve been experiencing a range of questions from people of how to correctly word e-mails, documents, or messages, and I ask the question “does The meaning carry across?” “Will the recipient/audience understand what you are trying to say?”. 491 more words


Welcome To My Blog!

Hi there!

My name is Emma, and I have two big passions… writing and travelling. And after recent thoughts and recent adventures, I’ve decided to put those passions together and create this blog. 34 more words


Interview with Kevin Casey

Kevin Casey is a freelance copywriter with an inspiring story. Having built a thriving location-independent career, Kevin is able to travel the world on his own schedule while pursuing his passion for exploration. 4,112 more words