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[The diary of innovation] Notebook

Let’s take a step into the world of a copywriter. The way he perceives, uses and treats his notebooks is different from anyone else.
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Webmasters: Writers With a Perspective Make You $$$!

Generic just doesn’t cut it any more.

I know you want to save money on content creation. However, save it where less money spent won’t actually cost you revenue. 510 more words

You're a writer. Yes you!

Struggling to think of yourself as a bona-fide wordsmith?

Hustling as a solopreneur but doubting your copywriting competence?

Hate writing, think you suck, and wanna outsource the whole thing? 633 more words


Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Editor

My name is Kristen Stamey and I am a Freelance Writer, Copywriter, and Editor. Click Here to find out how I can help you create SEO web copy, high-quality blog content, edit and improve your writing, and more.


// Hired Pun

Do you need dad jokes for your wedding, werewolf bat mitzvah, baby shower, presidential campaign, murder mystery evening or baking show?

Do you want your friends to groan and/or chuckle at your cleverness? 37 more words

Are House of Fraser emojionally stunted?

Social media is strange. It’s been a strange idea ever since it first started – why would anyone ever need that many opinions flooding their lives? 531 more words

Food for thought when it comes to updating a website

Oh no, my favourite holiday cottage website has been completely redesigned beyond all recognition! And now it’s really difficult to find what I want. I was used to the old website which, although quite dated, did the job splendidly. 274 more words