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Those two marketers walk into a bar and laugh at content marketing tools...

Those two marketers find the secret content curation tool used by “experts” who peddle content marketing as the foundation for business success. Watch the content appear before your eyes…

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My Favorite Free Resources for New Copywriters

When I first decided I wanted to become a freelance copywriter, I was discouraged by the fact that many of the popular ebooks and training courses written by renowned copywriters were WAY out of my budget range. 277 more words


July (A Month as Good as Any!)

I like Paul Getty. He’s a great rambler. Whether that’s justified, I don’t know.

But what can you learn from a guy who made millions on oil? 187 more words


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Ever do things on autopilot?

Cooking broccoli, for instance. I always prepare it the same way, like a sucker. Whack it in the pot with water, crank the gas and try to catch it before it invariably liquefies. 412 more words


5 Reasons Copywriting is Essential to Your Business

Thanks to the Internet, there is no denying that we live in a world that relies on access to immediate and visually-focused information. The amount of digital information we are exposed to every day is ever growing, while our attention spans continue to shrink just as rapidly. 513 more words


How would you describe yourself?

Formal and smart? Quirky and creative? What should your CV be saying about you?

From the design itself to grammar-checking and proof-reading copy, I offer a full re-work service specific to your requirements and specifications. 14 more words

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Why podcasts can help you become a better writer

As an avid reader I’ve always viewed listening to audiobooks as a bit of a cheat. So when it came to podcasts I was just not sold on the idea. 329 more words

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