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The Best Social Media Sites for Copywriters

Now that I’ve covered why copywriters should use social media to help build their brand, I’m going to assume that you’re reading this because you’re on board and want to get started, or you’ve started and you’re wondering if you chose the right social platform. 950 more words


Confessions of a Copywriter

In a perfect world. we’d all know our value. This is not a perfect world. Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like an imposter… 1,139 more words


8 Reasons to Get Social

Creative writers such as novelists need to build their brand, and they often use social media as a key part of their brand-building strategy. Even… 865 more words


Should I blog?

A question asked by many businesses!  Check out my latest blog post here massmediadesign.co.uk/should-i-blog/  You can see more of my articles for MassMediaDesign linked below:  175 more words


Whatever business you are in, you’ll need to appreciate that different types of customers go through different processes in their decision-making. To successfully market your business to both consumers (people who makes a purchase for personal use) and businesses (who buy for the firm’s use), you’ll need understand their different buying processes, what they are looking for and what needs they have. 842 more words


How To Begin Developing Your Social Media Action Plan

From my Bite Sized Social Media series

According to the “Social Media Fact Sheet” put out by the Pew Research Center Internet & Technology, … 417 more words


Resisting the urge to create content

An email from PR Week landed in my inbox over the weekend that really made me stop and take notice.

This is the quote that caught my eye. 286 more words