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Earning clients' trust

Why can’t they just trust me? I’m a professional.

~ Every Writer Ever

According to my research, every writer on the planet has uttered some form of this phrase at least a hundred times.

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12 Tools and Resources to Boost Your Content Efforts

Looking for better ways to come up with ideas, write content, create images and distribute your work? Here’s a range of tools that can help. 9 more words


Brand Essence? Essentially Redundant.

In a common agency scenario, advertising creatives huddle with strategists and account directors with an intimate understanding of the client’s POV—to craft a presentation spelling out the Essence of a brand. 739 more words


5 basics every writer should be able to do

This post isn’t about gadgets or books or some sure-fire, secret to transform your writing into everything you’ve ever dreamed of, plus a basket of kittens. 546 more words


Weird Words – Brits vs Yanks

A few hundred years ago, English-speakers sailed away to the New World, taking our language with them. Since that time, a whole ocean has separated us, so the English language on American soil was inevitably going to become a different beast. 558 more words

Weird Words


Copywriting job for Plan, international children’s charity – World Family newsletter for supporters.


Three Bears Lodge

I managed the website theme layout and content development. I was responsible for SEO, blog writing, html and meta tags, social media, and all marketing collateral. 7 more words