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Help! A Local Newspaper Has Asked Me To Write For Them!

A local newspaper has asked me to contribute regular articles. Help! What do I do next?

I had a call from a fitpro today who was asking for my urgent advice. 714 more words

Nicola Joyce

You're a writer. Yes you!

Struggling to think of yourself as a bona-fide wordsmith?

Hustling as a solopreneur but doubting your copywriting competence?

Hate writing, think you suck, and wanna outsource the whole thing? 633 more words


5 ways to be productive when you can't write

The past couple of weeks have been a flurry. Work is picking up right before I’m going to be out for dental surgery.

Which means: a) I’m multitasking on a regular basis; and b) I almost can’t be trusted to think straight because I’m scared. 571 more words


Pharma Advertising and the Talisman of Doom

Despite years of experience in the real world of stringent regulations, many pharma brand managers still believe their mission is to push the boundary of the permissible in an effort to promote a doubtful claim. 722 more words


Editing English as a second language

The team at spybirthday.co.uk deliver fantastic spy themed birthday parties. However, English is not their first language and whilst they know what they want to say, they sometimes need some help saying it.   37 more words