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EBook Editing -- Health and Wellness

In this eBook, the author is Swedish, and had a compelling story to tell and excellent health care information. We approached with a blend of light and heavy editing, and the author is pleased with the final book. 1,585 more words

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Article Sample - Selling Salt

This brief (430 word) article was intended for a Himalayan Salt vendor’s website. The intent of the article (other to increase SEO) is to inform the potential client of the luxurious history behind premium Himalayan Salts so they may consider purchasing some of the items offered on the site itself. 520 more words

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Warm, Professional 'Advertorial'

The following was posted on special needs websites and is written from my perspectives as a parent and educator, so the use of first-person language to clearly identify my biases was important as this piece is about the relationship I have with my readers. 643 more words

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Professional and Scientific Writing for the General Audience - Pregnancy eBook

This is an excerpt of a short (approximately 40 000 word) ebook on pregnancy I wrote. The book discussed pregnancy in terms of stages rather than month-by-month, so the first chapter was about conception, prenatal testing, and healthy starts, the second gave an overview of fetal development, the third reviewed medical issues that may arise, when to seek help, and symptoms, the fourth was about preparing for the baby, etc… 1,513 more words

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Data pints

Now that summer’s over—sob—what better way to remain in denial than by indulging in Ben and Jerry’s treats, all perfect pairings of dreamy dessert within and double entendre without. 119 more words


Non-fiction book proposal formulas revealed by agent

The Literary Agent’s Guide to Writing A Non-fiction Book Proposal (e-book, $3.99) delivers on its title. Author (and agent) Andy Ross offers a handy step-by-step roadmap in creating what he describes as your book’s business plan. 277 more words


Flex your skills with 5-minute free writing

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Houston, I was an art student. Then I became a graphic artist and web designer. I sketched, a lot. 560 more words