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My Truth About Great Copy

Writing. If I could choose to master one thing, it would be writing. One of the finest arts of storytelling and probably the most difficult one. 2,008 more words


Halbertology Review - A Closer Look

Halbertology Review – an analysis of the upcoming launch of a brand new copywriting and marketing course based on Gary Halbert’s coaching.


Why website words matter

How many businesses spend large sums on website imagery, in the belief that fabulous graphics reflect the professionalism of the company? To some extent they may do. 613 more words


Writing with Keywords

Featured product:
Writing with Keywords

Everything you know about keyword optimization & copywriting is changing right before your eyes.

Here’s why… and how to keep your site from being left behind. 152 more words

Feature Product


I think the self-help genre needs people to share how they have applied various tools for coaching in their every day lives, which is why I have chosen to found my books on personal experiences to lead an example and open up for others to do their own journeys. 120 more words


Why Put a Bullet Through Your Sales?

Somewhere toward the end of virtually every new branding project, a subtle shift occurs. The discussion that, until then, had been about lofty things like “branded messaging strategy,” “brand voice and tone” or “brand narrative,” becomes brutally blinkered. 720 more words

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What to do when you reach Cat Butt Level

Ever work on a mind-numbing copywriting project that just won’t end?

New feedback conflicts with previous feedback. Nit-picky edits stemming from random opinion. Rounds and rounds of review are followed by more rounds of review. 586 more words