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What Is A Copywriter?

“A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter.” ~ Judith Charles

My teenage daughter recently declared that she just doesn’t understand why anyone would ever hire me.   286 more words


WHAT A KOALA DOES TO THIS CACTUS WILL SHOCK YOU! -OR- Why the Internet's confused about "clickbait"

An imaginary conversation followed by a great intro

“Is that story over there clickbait?”

“Heck yeah it’s clickbait!”

“How about that one? Is that article clickbait too?” 681 more words


A Copywriter's Commandments: Joseph Sugarman's 17 Copywriting Axioms

Guess what. You’re a copywriter.

Deal with it.

In today’s world, we’re all copywriters. Your mom’s a copywriter when she posts a facebook status. Your co-worker pieces together copy every time he pumps out a kick ass tweet. 1,244 more words


How to stay creative in a corporate world

As a copywriter, content marketer (I could be referred to as either depending on who you ask – but that’s a different story) and general wordsmith, I’d most certainly fall into the ‘creative’ bucket of candidates. 600 more words

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Spring is here! The flowers are blooming and the new leaves on the trees are reaching out for more sunlight. The change in weather has brought about new growth; not only in nature, but in personal attitude. 339 more words



From today, Google will be ranking websites in searches according to whether they are mobile friendly!

It could severely affect any websites that are not currently designed to be viewed on mobile devices like telephones or tablets and could affect your business. 205 more words

5 reasons to keep your writer’s resume shiny and handy

I’m a stickler when it comes to my writer’s resume. Even though I’m happy where I am, I’m still putting it through some regular maintenance. As I research new ideas and trends, I’m noticing that… 644 more words