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At last night’s Meet-Up group, I presented a couple of different ways to use our journaling as a coaching tool. When we use pen and paper, they become an extension of our creative inspiration and a gateway for us to process our emotions and thoughts in ways that enable us to discover our own patterns of behavior, habitual thinking, the ways we react and also our dearest wishes and longings. 374 more words


Examples of bad Web copy

This bratwurst lunch from the local German market/cafe was almost good. The sausage was fresh and the rye bread was homemade. But I don’t believe the other half was that authentically German, which was a disappointment. 49 more words


How to create content when you have no news

I was recently asked, “If it was your job to create a constant stream of content but your client/company had absolutely nothing ‘new’ to inspire you, what would you do?” 181 more words


Are you managing your social media?

It seems that just as you get to grips with one social media platform, another is waiting just around the corner to suck you in. And boy, is it time consuming! 167 more words


How to capture your audience

Hello, Wordmonkey here – they let me at the keyboard again, more fool them…

Last time I gave you a few tips on constructing a really good email, so today I want to talk to you about headlines. 387 more words

Why your press release is in the trash bin

As a journalist and copywriter I get bombarded with press releases.

Most end up being deleted after I’ve read just a couple of lines. And that’s the challenge – if you want to engage somebody with your dazzling news, you need to dazzle them in the first couple of sentences. 203 more words


Five Tips for Writing a Powerful Blog

by Phyllis A. Carmer

You write your blog so someone will read it, of course, but only about 50% of blogs are read .  So, how do you increase your chances of yours being in that 50%?  273 more words