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Week 5 catch up - congratulate yourself

Another late “weekly catch up” from me! I like to keep things fresh. Thursday is the new Sunday (or something).

Truth be told, I don’t feel I have a great deal to report which is perhaps why I’m dragging my feet. 717 more words

Nicola Joyce

Looking for a Tasty New Marketing Idea? Consider the e-Book

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on a project for a cool lifestyle-consultancy client that I think could have major potential for a wide variety of small businesses: a custom e-book. 276 more words


SEO Copywriting: 5 Essential Elements per the Top SEO Services in London

A few years ago, writing content for the sake of attracting backlinks used to be a horrid but widely popular SEO practice, but with all the algorithm updates Google has pushed to date, many SEO copywriting practices are now ineffective. 11 more words

Content Writing

Yo, People: Grammar Counts!

by Phoebe King

I read a lot of content for my Twitter feed and nothing annoys me more than poorly written content with typos. I don’t care how useful your work is, if I have to struggle to understand you, or if there are more than a few typos or grammar errors upfront, (a) I will not read the rest of the article and (b) I… 527 more words


Are all marketers going starkers...

As you know dear reader the marketing industry follows fashion more than any other industry. Not wearable fashion, but the latest buzzword, shiny digital object, alleged tech trend, font or photography style. 594 more words


The Bottom Line: Why Simple Is Better When It Comes To Copywriting

Words by Darren Thackeray.

A few days ago I shared an image on Twitter that I found pretty compelling…

How ruthless an editor are you?

793 more words

Are You a Good Copywriter?

You know right from wrong, right? Of course you do.

You generally do what’s right and avoid doing what’s wrong. Somewhere inside you there is a built in moral-o-meter that provides this information… 729 more words